Pump System

Sep 21, 2007 02:46 pm
Pump System

I am new at this so lots of help is needed.

We are building a remote bush camp along one of the major rivers (Zambezi) in Africa.

I would like to install a low maintenance (no diesel/gas) water pump system from the river to storage tanks which will gravity feed the camp. We will install the Pump on the bank of the river 1-2 meters (4-8 ft) above water level
and pump it about 200 meters (650 ft) to the tanks with a lift of about 30 meters (100 ft). I would like to pump continuesly, when the tanks are full we will water the gardens.

I'm thinking 2500 Series Solar Slowpump, solar panels and a battery bank. We get plenty of sunlight with the exception of may 3 months during the rainy season when the garden don't need water in any case. 

Am I on the right track and if so what panels, batteries etc.?
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Sep 21, 2007 05:31 pm
Re: Pump System

well yes,

you must be very careful to limit the suction. (4 to 8 feet number) over 12 feet and the pump wont do.  the closer you can get to zero feet of suction, the better.  as far as the continous pumping with batteries, i would recommend against it.  although you have tons of sun in africa, battery sizing and maintenance complicate matters.  if you could have the pump on solar direct and just feeding the storage tanks, that would make the system easier to design and maintain, and would make it more robust.

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Sep 21, 2007 07:27 pm
Re: Pump System

Thanks James. What solar array would we have to use? We need about 20 000 liter a day any suggestions and to complicate things even more, is any of this available in "kit" form. We will source this in the US but importing it into Zambia become pricey very quickly, import duty on kits are lower than fully assembled systems.

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