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I want to be like James!

I have just posted three times.  I am becoming an addict. Thanks William
William Wurtz 0

if you dont sell it we get no responce?????

over a week ago I posted a need for help on the differant alt. energy sources out there and what will best fit my needs and wala...
Keith C. Gomez 1

james out for a few days

hey alt-e community.  unfortunately i had a death in the family so i will be out of communication for the rest of the week....
James Cormican 0

loads database . . . participate!

hi friends on the forum.  prove me right on the "field of dreams" theory. . .  if you build it, they will co...
James Cormican 1

Looking for somewhere can custom Interior LED Tubes?

Once again i was looking online for more interior light for my own house,in order make my living room brighter, I'm lo...
Lee Bella 0

love the new printed catalog

nice and professional...nice to have everything in "one" place and browse through.
James Johnson 1

March for Renewable Energy!

Environmental Media Northwest and Captain Ozone are organizing a public March for Renewable Energy in downtown Los Angeles on Se...
Captain Ozone 0

Microhydro system /off grid

My Question: I want to use a 1000 gal tank on top of my house 30ft, water from tank into hydro out into small reservoir or p...
Donald Case 4

model home

I live in Canada and am looking for a Windenergy company that would be interested in a proposal I have to operate a model home p...
lorraine andrew 0

Money Making Recycling Tips

Recycling is rapidly becoming a profitable business and also helps to maintain green sustainable ecology. Recycling organic wast...
Robert Mathew 1

mount suggestions for Kyocera KC40T

Anyone have suggestions for mounting (3) KC40T panels. I've gone thru the store a bit but the descriptions for sizing are s...
James Johnson 4

National Grid’s Solar Energy Phase II Plan: Not Best Option for Towns and School

If your are interested in this topic go to this URL , read and reply: URL: http://www.socyberty.com/Activism/National-Grids-Sola...
Lk H 0

no one responding to my email

     Well, ill post my questions here as I did not get      a response from my email.   &nbs...
james 4

order not arrived

I ordered 4 12-48vdc dc-dc converters. They should have arrived by now. I was assured they would be here by the 15th of this mon...
Jack Packard 0

Photovoltaic System Dedicated KWH Meter on a Grid-Tie 120v Battery-Back-up Sys.

Need help, do any of you Hi-Tech solar installers out there have a wiring diagram for a form 12S meter(5 Terminal)hook-up for th...
Harry Flinner 1

Praise for altE community and staff

Just wanted to say what a positive experience I have had with dealing with the altE staff. Delivery of orders happens extremely ...
James Johnson 2

Price matching?

Do you have a price matching policy?I'm interested in getting the UniSolarUS-64 panels and have seen them pricedat $275 in quant...
Joe Consumer 0

prosine inverters

hey gang, we have temporarily removed these from the store for spec page remodeling, so don't freak out. If any of...
James Cormican 0

Renewable Sources

Hi friends, I am preparing a presentation on various types of renewable energy resources. The content available on internet ...
Adrianne Smith 2

Research in Reneable energy

Do you know which are the top research groups in renewable energies in Europe? I am mostly interested in eolic(wind energy)....
Morgado Dias 0

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