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NiCD battery

Does anybody use NiCD batteries and if so what is the largest. How do those kind of batteries differ from the lead acid ones...
Tony Butterfield 4

Li-ion for storage

Can Li-ion batteries be used or does anybody have a small setup that uses Li-ion (example:laptop battery).
Tony Butterfield 7

bicycle solar panels

I am preparing for a solo cross country bicycle trip beginning June 1. The route will follow the Lewis and Clark Trail from Asto...
Tony Baltes 1

Remote power supply needed to power heat tape.

At 11,650 feet, I have a need to keep a two feet section of pipe with standing water from freezing. I may have this wrong, but i...
Tom Van Arsdale 6

Power source at remote, high elevation, cold location.

Not to go to the well too many times, but I am told there is 20 feet of head and 50 gpm available at this 11,650 feet location t...
Tom Van Arsdale 1

DR series inverter stacking problem

Looking for anyone who's got some experience with Xantrex's DR series inverters.  I've got a ...
Tom T 12

solar hot water panel installation

I was just given 2 20 year old panels. How do I plumb them in? Closed system, on the roof, down to the garage to baseboard heat....
Tom Stonehouse 6

kids science project with solar

Iwant to help my son (10 years old) create a photovoltaic display for his science project. Unfortunately this will be inside...
Tom Schultz 3

25 gal Bray Oil 4 collector system need special seals and pump

Hello looking for a 3 speed pump with special seals either dupont Kalrez (1st choice), or Viton seals.    The ...
Tom Plantier 0

Planning 14.4 kw system w/ 24 2v Surrette and PV & integrate 15 kw diesel

We have a remote summer fishing lodge in Canada currently using 15 kw diesel on a 24/7 basis. It is often working at 100% capaci...
Tom Metzner 6

Lakota "900W" turbine mounting

I wonder if anyone can tell me what pipe size is required to mount one of the subject turbines on.  It looks like I should ...
tom doyle 6

do AGM's sulfate?

Looking for some advice-I am setting up a new battery system on my sailboat, and need your help. I'm at the point where I need t...
tom crawford 1

Homegrown solar power gable mount attic ventilation

I am reposting this in the correct forum topic. I watched the video of the gable fan install and it is very straightfor...
Todd Lyons 0

grounding a small DC/AC system?

How should I ground my system and or change it. 128 watts of PV panels with two trojan 105 AH batteries, prostar15 controlle...
Todd K 6

Can I use BUS BARS to connect batteries -- NOT cables?

I'm looking at 8 golf cart batteries (6 volt) to be connected into a 12 volt array. Looks like flat copper ba...
Todd Foster 6

economic solar water pump design

I live in the San Ildefonso Ixtahuacanm Huehuetenango Guatemala. I work with the Social Ministry of the Catholic Church in a sus...
Todd Bauer 5

need advice for a secondhand solar panel that draws 18-19v without a load

Hello all.  I have a secondhand solar panel that draws 18-19v without a load.  I don't know the amperage, but can...
Tod Emko 9


hi is there any way to disable the ac pass thought on the dr2412 so that it is just an inverter when on the batt. and a charger ...
timothy walker 0

grid tied whisper 500 turbine?

Hi. I've been recently looking to purchase a medium sized (3KW) residential wind turbine to help reduce our electric consum...
Tim Redgewell 2

new solar system

OK, where do I start. Bought a small, week long (at most) cabin/RV to use for a few weeks a year. It came with: 42...
Tim F 4

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