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Air X

Anyone has got positive/negative experiences to share reharding the Air-X marine wind generator?RegardsBrian
Brian Ellul 0

Effect of desulfator on equipment

I am installing a 30w panel and desulphator/charge controller on my boat. If the power is on to my instruments, equipme...
Randy Sermons 0

Outback VFX3648 inverter

I have an offgrid setup with 500Watts of solar (more to be added) and a 1000W wind generator. I am using stacked inverters (2) 3...
Royden Brien 0

home wind energy

I am wondering if there is any kind of windmill that very small.  I live in a sub where there are very fussy about how ever...
Lisa E. 0

Charging a larger Lithium Ion battery with solar

Hello, I’m seeking a solution for charging a 12 volt lithium ion battery while traveling for several weeks at a time....
Mark Stivak 0

Charging Batteries with a battery charger?

I would like to know if it would be possible, to charge my batteries with a ac battery charger when there is no sunlight? Would ...
Luis Velez 0

need a little help with my first solar experience

Hello , I started researching solar a couple of months ago in preparing to build my system this spring. First of all some backgr...
Damon Hyde 0

Heat recovery for Gas DHW heater...

I am building a waste heat recovery system that will use the hot waste exhaust gases (about 350 to 500 degrees) to preheat the i...
Arcandspark 0

what watt panel should i use

Hi im verry new to the solar world so bare with me.  I have instaled a off-grid inverter and generator system with a batery...
Sean Fleming 0

Do charge controller & inverter's builtin charger "conflict"?

I'm designing a small (600W using 3 200W panels in series) off-grid system. Current plan is the Apollo T80 charge ...
Michael McCandless 0

Heat Recovery for DHW Heaters...

An immediate benefit to owners of all-electric homes is GFX's power-boost; enough to triple the shower-capacity of tank-type wat...
Arcandspark 0

Ballast system for flat roof

I will be installing a fairly large array on a flat membrane roof.  Does anyone have info on ballast systems, how much weig...
Sam Avery 0

Charging batteries with generator

LAST EDITED ON Nov-08-05 AT 04:47 PM (EST)Hi,I have a small system in my rural cabin.  2 panels, charge controller, 2 ...
kos kostmayer 0

XW inverter/charger network

The XW manual shows a network connection.  Is this just for the XW remote control station or is this by some chance an info...
David A 0

PV/battery powered el sid question

What combination of PV panel, battery, and controller could be effectively used with an El Sid 10W 12V circulating pump? I live ...
Kerry Lipp 0

Water heater trips off inverter??

 This may sound weird or funny but it happened to me. I have a Safari motorhome with a freedom 20 inverter/charger. The pro...
Layle Willis 0

Notice regarding Steca Solsum 8.8x

LAST EDITED ON Oct-11-04 AT 06:17 PM (EST)***DELETED***
Robin Lim 0

water heating panels, tanks.. last=years

Alternate Energy Technologies BRAND last how long and what grade would they be rated? How long do these tanks and pumps last? I ...
Chris Anda 0

windmill power

I have just converted a 100 year old windmill with an alternator to produce electricity. I am not sure what charger, inverter, b...
ken johnson 0

25 gal Bray Oil 4 collector system need special seals and pump

Hello looking for a 3 speed pump with special seals either dupont Kalrez (1st choice), or Viton seals.    The ...
Tom Plantier 0

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