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Peanut Butter in Chocolate?

You may remember this advertising slogan from not that long ago. "You got peanut butter in my chocolate." "No, yo...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

air-x amps

What is the amp output for the Air-x, 12 volt at minimum and max wind speed? Thanks
Norman Toevs 0

washing machines and modified sine waves.

I'm new here and hopefully someone out there can help.  My household is run on solar and have the Trace DR 2424 inverter. &...
mona krupski 0

off grid electrical system

Im looking at a house that is off the grid it has a diesel generator but it needs a power system such as solar with a battery ba...
Wayne Kobe 0

battery charging, rest or not to rest?

I'm on a boat. 4ea. t-105 Trojan batteries. 2ea. in series to battery switch that has 1, 2, both or off. Should I run both ...
William Isherwood 0

Green Energy Summit 2009: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability

World Leaders Gather at Green Energy Summit 2009 to Plug Bailout Scenarios Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, and Sustainab...
Shaguf Mohtisham 0

dual charging system and different battery sizes

Just bought 110W solar panel kit for camper with a dedicated 12VDC system run from a type 24 battery that is charged through an ...
Charles Raney 0

NiFe batteries / how to cycle with 4024 / rebuild ?

I have a set of used NiFe batteries, 20 cells wired in series. The man I bought them from told me to use them hard to build...
Robert Marsh 0

strong lightning protection for solar pumping systems- expert advice desired

Hi, We have been involved for several years with solar water pumping systems used in developing countries to bring water to ...
Michel Maupoux 0

Do I need a 12v or 24v charge controller?

I've decided to resell the 5-watt panels I bought earlier and now I'm ordering 16 x 15-watt amorphous solar panels &nb...
Alan Dennis 0

Air 403 to Air Breeze

Hi Is it possible to upgrade my Air 403 to Air Breeze?
Torbjorn Saether 0

Charger for Li-ion battery pack

I have a 140 watt-hour Li-ion battery pack that I use to recharge/power my digital camera and GPS in the field.  The pack r...
Scott Stewart 0

MPPT Charge controller.

I am looking to upgrade my 160w/9.5A system to 640w/34A with possibility of expanding to 800w/40A in the future. My Blue sky 251...
Micah Shields 0

Capacitor across DC input of inverter ???

I saw a picture of an inverter for sale on e-bay. There was a large capacitor installed that was wired across the plu and minus ...
Arcandspark 0

Dump load for wind generator

I am just about finished with a proto type dump load I made using peltier thermocouple devices. These little items are just what...
Arcandspark 0

Wind Turbine Disconnects

I have a H100 Wind Turbine that will be on a 50' tower that will be 300 feet away from my home. Questions: ...
Eric F 0

wind charge 36V golf cart

Posted by Michael Fischer on Today at 05:24:01 PM I have a cabin that is off grid Planning on adding aprox 300- 500 W w...
Michael Fischer 0


need schematic/repair manual dr2412 help!
gary lust 0

Thermosyphon Plans

Does anyone know of any DIY plans for building a thermosyphon hot water system?
Dan Antonioli 0

Water turbine...really confused...

Hello, Im new to the alternative energy scene but im doing my best to get into it, Im currently in the works of building a cabin...
Scotty Lucas 0

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