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Since I am interested in alternative energy sources, I looked into I called them and the salesman I spoke to sa...
Sue Smith 229

Revolutionary "SeaBird" Small Low Wind Speed Wind Turbine

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Our "SeaBird" is capable of producing 4,000 kwh's per month. Thus making our product the most reliable, feasable Renewable Energ...
William Dominguez 38

Need a little help

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Just getting started in the Off-grid lifestyle. and I am using it primarily for a remote cabun, but hope to bring some of what I...
Joel Serra 35

Solar for RV

I'm considering installing a solar system on a RV. I figure I use about 50ah a day. Our normal camping is from Friday after...
Ken Rabideau 26

home made wind power genarator

i need some input, building a wind mill using a 12V alternator as a genarator to power a 12Volt batt. i live in a small island r...
mari nieto 25

Distance of Inverter from batteries

New guy here - I see all kinds of warnings about getting sparks, including from my inverter,  to close to deep cycle batter...
Mark Hartford 22

411 on equipment needed 2 set up 6/51watt panels

hello my name is shawn im buying 8/51 watt solar panels..real cheapIve been reading all the questings in this sight trying to le...
shawn powers 21

El Sid pump problems

I bought a bunch of the El Sid by Ivan Labs pumps for circulating my radiant heat.  I was sold on the no bearings, no seals...
Thomas Anderson 20

Hooking up an Inverter to a 110 Volt Breaker Panel

I have had a solar system that was functioning well for about 7 years at my cottage. It consisted of a solar panel, some batteri...
Mike Zaborski 20

Questions about Siemen panels

Hi all, great site. I have two Siemens M75 48W panels wired in parallel.  Aimed directly at the center of our sol...
The other Michael B 20

Generate amps or Generate watts?

There is an equipment that generates 450amps AC and this equipment is a water generation machine (Dehumidifier) not a pumping ma...
Smith Oshodin 19

XW Auto Generator Start and Centurion 8kw Generator

Trying to get clarity if the Centurion 8kw generator has the start/shut-down functionality needed  to interface with the XW...
Harold Jobe 18

DX-R-10 Drainback system efficiency questions

Does anyone have experience with one of these systems?  I would like to discuss this system with other folks who have simil...
Jason Dowdoe 18

Off-Grid Solar Project - 2KW+ - Request for Feedback

Off-Grid Solar Project Harbor Freight – Part# 90599 Maximum current, 3000 mA. 15 watts max per panel. Pea...
Jack Spamless 16

Low Battery Cut Out Limits

I have an Xantrex XW 4548 Inverter Charger and I am using a 48 volt battery bank. I noticed that the default value for the Low B...
Ray Westbrook 16


I have 8 12V batteries parallelled togather with 105 amp hrs each. They are marine deep cycle batteries which I understand are n...
David Szymas 16

Specific Gravity - are my batteries charged or not?

Still learning my system: I have 2x 6 volt 400Amp hour Rolls/Surrette deep cycle batteries. Unfortunately, they stood unused for...
Sally Errey 16

Connecting batteries up

Here's what I have, 5 x 110Ah batteries connected plus to plus and minus to minus - keeping the bank at 12V. &...
Steve M 16

Learning and rethinking my cabin power system

I’ve been learning a lot on the forums.  I’ve been asking questions regarding a cabin with a 2000W inverter system and ...
Jerry Wenzel 15

Wind System

Hello, I'm building on a hilltop with nearly constant class 3 wind. I would like to install the whisper 500 on a 6...
Richard Northrop 15

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