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Been reading and thinking but can't seem to find an answer

Mark Osborne 8

El Sid pump problems

I bought a bunch of the El Sid by Ivan Labs pumps for circulating my radiant heat.  I was sold on the no bearings, no seals...
Thomas Anderson 20

Solar Charger for Golf Cart

Hello I am looking for basic advice on building an integrated solar cell charger for a golf cart.  I recently move...
Doug Robertson 13

24 volt panels to charge 12 volt battries

Hi All I have some 24 volt panels that put out almost 26 volts. My first question is would this be to high to charge a 12 vo...
Steve M 11

Shell SQ-175 solar panel

I am looking for a replacement for a Shell SQ-175 panel I inadvertently hit with the bucket of my tractor.  Are there any a...
Greg Mayer 1

Reynolds Aluminum Solar Collector

   We bought a house with a "Reynolds Aluminum Solar Collector" on the roof, with piping leading into the basement nea...
Andi Weiss Bartczak 5

Old and new batery with load !!

Hello I know everybody say that it is not good to add new batery to an old batery bank But it is still true with a ...
Madeira Philippe 2

House clocks losing time...

Having a weird thing happen. Running Xantrex XW6048, finding that certain clocks in the house are losing time. Not flashing out ...
Chris Potts 10

XW Auto Generator Start and Centurion 8kw Generator

Trying to get clarity if the Centurion 8kw generator has the start/shut-down functionality needed  to interface with the XW...
Harold Jobe 18

PV Solar electricity tied directly to a DC Water Heater

Can someone give me a general overview of what is required. Lets assume I get 250 watt PV and tie DC directly to DC heating elem...
Joseph Stofik 0

Generator Start Module wiring

Greetings - I have purchased a new Generac 10Kw(LP) Standby Generator to hook up to my offgrid Re system. I have a Xantrex inver...
David Rudell 4

trace DR1512 dri stacking cable

i have had no luck finding a cable or any information on making a cable either any help in either direction would be&n...
Scott Huff 0

trimetric meter.

  I have a bogart 2025 rv trimetric meter on my battery bank. I called and spoke to them about it and have it hooked up rig...
Billy Honaker 1

Shurflo DC Surface Water Pump Question

Hi! Can I ask what is the maximum inlet and outlet head height/lenght for water transfer because it will be used in an existing ...
Yans Demesa 1

How much is too much?

I currently have 8 - 200 watt 24V Sharp panels wired in parallel /series with them being in pairs, giving me 48V going into an O...
Ken Porter 4

Centering a Wattsun TR-75,single axis solar panel tracker

  My solar panel tracker, a Wattsun TR75 single axis, has a new controller,electric eye sensor, and refurbished motor drive, al...
Mark Mandzik 0

Using two or three inverters on same battery bank

I have three inverters (1000 W 24V; 3000 W, 24V and 4000 W, 24V) Can I connect them simultaeneously on same battery bank to ...
Ibraheem Diso 4

Powering a recovery pump system for an Environmental Cleanup project site.

I have a project where I am attempting to power a 120 volt/ 10.5 amp submersible pump system for recovery of water and oil . Thi...
Kevin Shaver 1

convert a lantern that has no electrical to solar lighting

On our cottage we have 3 lanterns about 18 inches long and about 6 inches wide at the widest part and narrow down a point at the...
Mary Forbes 0


My question is if I attached my ground wire from my inverter to the electric plug I have inside my house that is attached to my ...
Max Schulte 1

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