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Solar Modul based Solar System

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,My company is looking for a Solar System which is based on Solar Panels. The Solar System has to be ab...
Kakar 2

Wind Turbine 300-900W

I looking for a new/used wind turbine in the 300-900W range. I am located in VT and would consider paying shipping for the right...
Melinda Cobb 2

water pumps

I am intersted in irrigating approx. 10 acres of pasture using a solar water pump. The water is on the surface. The pump I think...
ted fink 2

Wanted-working windmill

We are interested in purchasing a working windmill that is about 49 ft. high. If you have one or know of one , please contact us...
Bruce Junker 2

alternative energy home

I am planning a home to be constructed in Puerto Rico (planned completion Dec. 2002). Because of the frequency of interrupted po...
Leroy 2

Used AGM batteries

I am looking for a used 300-400 AH 24v AGM battery set.  Hopefully, in the Maine, Massachusetts areas.  I am putting t...
James J 2

Want to learn how solarpower is made

Want tolearn how to make solarpanels. I have very little money but I am willing to work very hard To make a diffrence in the sol...
Gabe 2

solar panel

I already have an inverter (2500watts/24 volts) in my residence to supply frequent electricity outages.What do I need to have a ...
enex 2

Alternate energy appliances

Where can I find information on household refrigerators that are powered by kerosine.  I know that they are quite common in...
Robb Kudra 2

Need an installer

Looking for an installer/contractor to install windturbine in Lehigh Valley PA. (Easton, Bethlehehem and Allentown)
James Harlan 2

off-grid living

Will be moving to S E Arizona shortly and have been trying to figure out internet and telephone service without wires. Can we ge...
Ed Arnold 2

Water fountain

I'm looking to put a water fountain in the middle of a remote pond... I've seen AC pond kits, but I'm looking for some kind of w...
Andy 2

PEX tube

Hi,I'm having a hard time locating a source for 3/8 PEX tubing for a radient heating project for my home. We are in Upper Lake C...
Cecil 2

Wound spring makes electricity....

I recently heard about a technology that uses a spring to generate electricity.You wind a handle or crank to tighten the spring....
Owen Toney 2

Wanted Door for Wood Stove

WANTED We need a door for a wood/coal Allens model 205 D parlor stove.  We need the big main door.  Must be rare c...
Toni & Greg B 2

egg-beater style windmill

would like to know why these were discontinued, and if anyone has one or more they would like to part with. parts are okay, as l...
Leonard Settle 2

compost toilet

Looking to manifest a good used compost toilet ! I am in Northern California..and am willing to pay shipping. ...
Kali Littlewing 2

diversion load controller

I am looking for diversion load controller,  the 60A XANTREX or TRISTAR are the largest for sale .  where I can fi...
Michel M 2

wanted used windseeker or whisper wind generator iowa

i am looking for a used windseeker or whisper wind generator for a school/city project. please email or call. thanks located in ...
Brian Thompson 2

fridge kit

I was told that someone carries a high-efficient refridgerator kit that I can assemble myself...Who has it???/anyone know?Brian&...
Brian 2

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