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I am looking for information on how to build an inverter.The load is 1800watts at 120V for 15 min.I am using two deep cycle mari...
Ray Beaudry 1


I am looking for a used 1512 or 2412.Can anyone help?
dave 0

installing solar or wind power

Where would I find someone knowledgeable to install solar or wind products.  I live in Ohio with a zip code of 44683
B. Bosley 1

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Dear Alternative Energy CommunityDid you know that the BEST PRO TEAMS draft for athletic ability not for the specific position? ...
Stewart Hampton 0

I need to know

I need to know how to pick the right wind maccine for my school? And to how to choose an are to place the maccine
geneveve 0

I need new or used geneators for large wind turbines

I will buy any (large >500kw)new or used generator for windmills
Jerry Washington 1

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.  I have a weekend cottage that I would like to take of...
Gary Derkacz 1


David Higginbotham 0

Human power?

Does anyone know where I can get a device that I could attach to exercise equipment for producing electricity?  I'm not rea...
Linda Alexander 1

how to

hi can anyone send me a diagram of how to wire in series/parallel 4 mk 8a8d battiers, and how would i wire two solar panel and w...
timothy walker 0

How many watts?

    I recently traded for a solar powered Inverter But I know nothing about what it is I've got Its tandem trailer mou...
Larry Baldridge 1

house for rent

a couple of us here at Alt-E world headquarters in hudson, MA were kicking around the idea of trading in our apartments for a ho...
James Cormican 2

Horse water tank

I have these water tank that freezes in the winter and because I don't have electric power enough up to that area, I can't use t...
Wilma Heriot 4

High School Needs Help - Solar Dog House Project

Georgette wrote: QuoteI am a HS teacher trying to add alternative energy into a construction course. My students and I ...
Keith Birchfield 5

Help!!! somebody am going crazy...

Help am looking for solar panel for a friend, that's something to run a desktop Pc. Can anybody give me a kind suggestion o...
Doris Ekpere 2

Heliotrope C120 E instructions or manual needed

I am looking for a copy of the paperwork for a Heliotrope C120E Charge controller. I am trying to Identify the top set of DIP sw...
Warren Lee 0

Good service?

Hi Alt-E Staff, I am very sad about your service. Why not give me a response? I have difficulties in handling ...
Peter Meng 0

GC-1000 Inverter(s) Wanted

I'm looking for burned up, non-functional Advanced Energy GC-1000 Grid Tie Inverters.  Must be complete, not missing any co...
Jim Parish 11

fridge kit

I was told that someone carries a high-efficient refridgerator kit that I can assemble myself...Who has it???/anyone know?Brian&...
Brian 2

Flexible Solar Panels (Fabric?)

We are looking for a flexible solar panel (s) that can be or could be fused to a wide variety of materials.Any direction or sugg...
Dave Brockes 0

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