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Huge Tubular Tower FOR SALE 60 foot tall 1 foot diameter at base

LAST EDITED ON Jun-21-06 AT 05:38 PM (EST)I have a very heavy duty tubular tower for sale that would be an excellent wind t...
Epower 4

Trace MS100 MicroSine Utility-Interactive Gridtie Inverter - SOLD

I have a Trace Microsine Inverter for sale. Asking price is $400 USD which includes shipping to Continental USA Only. F...
Jd N 4

Sun Frost RF16 w/ lower 13" drawes

We are selling a very good condition Sun Frost RF16 refrigerator/freezer. Has top fridge and bottom freezer with optional 13&quo...
Bradford Daveu 4

Outback dual circuit 80 amp Ground Fault Protector

I ordered this by will handle 1 or 2 charge controllers.  Goes on the PV input to provide your AE system compl...
Tr S 4

1600 amp GNB 3-100G33 3-Cell 6v Absolyte IIP Sealed Batteries

Manufacturer: GNB Part # 3-100A33? 1600 amp GNB 3-100G33 3-Cell 6v Absolyte IIP Industrial Sealed Battery Quant...
Robert Irvine 4

for sale: air-x turbines(SOLD)

 we have two(one land and one marine model) air-x 12v 400w turbines looking for very windy locations. the air-x land was up...
David Ames 4

Used wind generators and solar panels for sale

We have two 10 KW Bergy wind generators with towers, controllers, invertors etc... We will sell both for the price of one or...
Jeff Schneider 4

GNB Batteries Available

I have a large supply of GNB 1500 AH batteries available. Perfect for solar industry.Call or e-mail Mike at 805-968-3800x250 or ...
Mike Downs 4

solar panel and wind mill turbine wanted used or new

Looking for used or affordable solar panels and wind mill generator to produce 60 kw of power for a project in Haiti.Thanks. ...
Arielle Adrien 5

Solar panel door

Is there such a thing as a solar panel door?  Or can a solar panel be installed on a door?  Our front door gets full s...
Susi 5

DC SWAMP COOLER 20" Solar Chill $450

This unit worked wonders for my 24' yurt.  Model 2012HP runs off 12 volt system (solar panels or batteries) or 115v ac...
Paul Kolackovsky 5

Off-Grid Solar Energy Storage Batteries

Our company has HUNDREDS of tested, Certified, sealed lead acid (SLA) absorbed glass mat (AGM) OFF-GRID SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE BAT...
April K 5

Wind Generators

hi i live in canada My dad is looking for a wind generator for cottage use.We are having troubles finding something in canada on...
Charity 5

Solar Panels/System for Sale

I am selling eight huge solar thermal collectors. This is a Revere system for solar heat and hot water. We also have three hot w...
Danielle Paine 5

Can it be done?

Is it possible to power a small 5,600 BTU AC window unit using a solar energy system.  If anyone has any comments, please e...
Jorge 5

Free telecommunication batteries

Upgrading a jobsite in Colonie New York (near Albany), we have about 20 2v lead acid batteries that weigh around 300lbs. each an...
Steve Bird 5

for sale solar air heaters

I have several 4x8 solar air heaters located in iowa looking to trade for a wind generator. thanks
Brian Thompson 5


David A 5

(6) BRAND NEW Astro Power Solar Panels 120 W

I have (6) BRAND NEW Astro Power solar panels, 120 watt, never used, still in shipping box.  Cost: $600 per panel, shipping...
Doug DeGroot 5

used wind generators for sale

We have a few different types of used wind generators for sale.(3) Aeroman 40 kw $20k 3 phase 240 or 480 VAC, 50' tower(2) ...
jason delatova 5

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