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Wind Turbine (Turbex)

1500 watt wind generator with a 40' lattice tower.  New, never installed.  New is $7,030, sacrifice for $2,900 plus sh...
larry page 3

solar powered flat roof drainage pumps

A general home inspector I worked with mentioned a solar pump, the shape of a pancake, that can be placed on a flat roof in area...
Kathy Close 0

Solar panels

I am interested in learning exactly how to make a solar panel ! From the raw materials and chemicals to make a photovoltaic cell...
J Gerald 20

BP 585 and Seimens H50 solar panels

I have eight BP-585 85 watt PV panels never used still in boxes, asking $325 each if you purchasefour. Siemens H50's 50 watt pan...
Arcandspark 5

solar power

Can a 1500 watt electric heater be operated by solar power?  If so, how would you start this project?
harold ellenburg 1

for sale - used solar panels and racks

I have 12 Unisolar 64W panels for sale at $125 per panel.  They are 5 years old but have light use; they were only on my ro...
Scott Oppenlander 1

8 concord 255AH glass matt batteries - never used for sale

We have 8 concord 255AH glass matt batteries - never used for sale.  We are asking $250 each - they were $448 list new (we ...
Cathy Sana 4

Sun Frost Refrigerator RF19 For Sale

Sun Frost RF19 AC Used 4y/o, in storage for past year excellent condition. New $2500 selling for $1000 firm. Located in Loveland...
seamus alexander 1

Solar panels

10 New 120 watt Solarex panels $400 each plus freight.150 New BP Solarex 43 watt thin films - sold only in groups of 12. $130 pe...
James Wassel 2

wind generators ...used one for sale

we are interested in selling a used wind generator model 1500 Enertec Corp. contact us if interested.price $1000  
mary & fred lehmann 10

Master Distribution Rights for Sale

The Turbex Master Distribution Rights for the USA are for sale.  The package includes 10 wind turbines with towers, control...
larry page 1

gnb absolyte IIp batteries for sale/ these are as good as you get

I work in the teleco/isp networking equipment world....we are in the process of removing some of the best  "used" batteries...
Joe Castle 2

christmas lights

Hello! We are manufactory for christmas produts as lighting, decoratin etc. if you are looking for such as products, just contac...
Christopher Lau 0

PROsine 2500 watt 12v Inverter/Charger + Remote FOR SALE!

i have a Xantrex Prosine 2500 watt 12v inverter/charger w/remote that  i am selling. i currently run it with my pv array and do ...
fd cs 0

RV Solar boost 50

Well I am selling my old SB-50 so if anyone wants it it is on ebay (love the MX-60 so far)
Brock Neverman 0

WANTED: Solarex MSX 120 panels

cheap!email: cleugh @ unm.eduif you have anything compatible
fd cs 0

Need Direction

I'm very interested in starting a new career in the alternative energy field, but where do you go to school for that???Anybody k...
Dave 3


we are about to build our dream house 0ff the grid need an affordable solar setup to run night time lights can anyone help pleas...
jon jess 3

Can it be done?

Is it possible to power a small 5,600 BTU AC window unit using a solar energy system.  If anyone has any comments, please e...
Jorge 5

Wind Generators

hi i live in canada My dad is looking for a wind generator for cottage use.We are having troubles finding something in canada on...
Charity 5

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