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Windchargers 4 Sale: Air 403 Marine 12V NIB

New, never used.  Have 3 of these available, box opened but never installed.  Originally purchased in Sept '04 for a ...
Lewis W 2

Envirolet Composting Toilet for Sale

Envirolet Composting Toilet for sale.  Used only during the summer/fall months for 3 years and I am looking for around $500...
Michael Gould 2

For sale. Air-X 24 volt wind turbine

Air-X 24V wind turbine. Had it installed a little over a year. Couldn't quite get it high enough above the trees, especiall...
Raymond Cayer 2

mounting system

I have a flat and tiny roof area home in San Francisco. I've been thinking of installing as many solar panels as possible, howev...
fw 2

Wanted: Good used solar panels and equipment in NC

I'm looking for some used solar equipment at reasonable prices. We have a great location for solar but not a lot of funds( we ar...
Sue 2

Jacobs Wind Generator FOR SALE

[Post removed by request of owner]
Gail Lovell 2


I have an old Jacobs wind generator with a 60 foot steel tower for sale. The generator is a 40 volt D C model 45.  There ar...
Tom Haymore 2

High Output 12Vdc LED arrays for sale.

I just finished installing a bunch of LED lighting in my home which run off of my 12V PV system. I have been experimenting with ...
Bryson Hinton 2


I am looking for small PV cells-2-3inches in diameter for a hobby project. Where can I purchasethis and a small dc motor that it...
Valerie 2

Wanted Wind generator for RV/Motorhome

Looking for a modestly price wind generator, preferably around 400 watts or more. Thanks...Garry
garry sheppard 2

What size Wind Generator do we need?

I was just wondering if anybody happens to know how to determine the size of wind generator we need.  
Halston Anderson 2

Several 650 to 1500 watt wind generators for sale iowa

i have several wind generators for sale which include carriage,tail,hub,blades and motor. i have ametek motors and also have a 3...
Brian Thompson 2

Aermotor windmills

For Sale - New & rebuilt Aermotor windmillsUsed parts for others - located in western CORon Stauffer 970 209 4764  
Ron Stauffer 2

8 concord 255AH Glass Matt Batteries - never used - CHEAP!

We have 8 concord 255AH glass matt batteries - never used for sale. We are asking $150 each - they were $448 list new (we paid)....
Cathy Sana 2

For sale 2300 watt wind generator

I have a 2300 watt max wind generator for sale that includes,carriage,tail section,2.5  hp motor,blades and hub. Asking $49...
Brian Thompson 2

Portable Generator 4 sale

G1000M Mitsubishi Portable GeneratorExcellent ConditionRuns for 6-8 hours on900 watts outputMax watts 1000Voltage:  12 volt...
john moore 2

Jacobs Wind Electric Generator

I have a Jacobs wind generator without blades for sale. Number 46A91 40 volts dc Mode 45 e-mail Tom at tsan...
Tom Haymore 2


I design and build custom Trackers, Email me for pictures and quotes. Thanks Gary
Gary Witherspoon 2

Used Composting Toilet

Fran Read 2

Mitsubushi Solar Panels for Sale 170W

Selling Solar Panels Model: Mitsubishi MF170EB4 Quantity: 150 Lots of 10 or More will sell for $3.85 per wat...
Amanda Evans 2

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