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I have a one acre pond, 12-15 ft. deep, and would like aerate it with solar power, also have a stream with in 50 ft. would like ...
Joe 3

Poly Phase AC Electricity

Can anyone tell me who was president of the United States of America when the very first poly phase AC electric service was inst...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

Outback Sealed M-Series Inverter/Charger FX2012MT (60Hz) - $1,000

Purchased in August 2014, this mobile/marine charger is used but in excellent condition! Includes all original parts and documen...
Hunter York 0

Outback Hub 4

Outback Hub 4, 4-port router/interface for sale. Removed from service. Fully tested and serviceable. Price: $100.00. Call 603-78...
John Hassell 0

Outback FX2524T 2500W - 24V inverter, unused

I ordered this last spring and didn't have time to install it; now we've decided to switch to a 12 volt system so we&#...
Cathy Joly 1

Outback FlexNet DC

FlexNet DC for sale. Used as battery monitor with MATE and/or as auxiliary relay control. Removed from service. Fully tested and...
John Hassell 0

Outback dual circuit 80 amp Ground Fault Protector

I ordered this by will handle 1 or 2 charge controllers.  Goes on the PV input to provide your AE system compl...
Tr S 4

Oregon Strawbale House on 5 Acres

I have a small passive-solar strawbale house in central OR, appr. 1+1/2 hours SE of Bend.  The house is off a paved road, 7...
Daniel Shea 1

On or off the grid?

I have two wind generators for sale.Winpower 2.5KW downwind(tailless) for charging batteries.Jacobs 10KW inter-tie system to hoo...
ST Raynis 12

Office Cubicles

It is a bit out of the ordinary to find office furniture listed on this site, but we thought we would give it a try! Our office ...
LuAnn Mattson 0

offer solar power system

Offer you best solution for elecricity crisis. Solar power system, 18w, 40w, 100w, 200w, and solar house. We can customize your ...
eric lee 0

offer solar module,solar panel,solar cell

Monocrystalline or multicrystalline More than 20 items finished solar module and cell, solar panels Offer upto 100 KW solar pane...
eric lee 0

offer Solar AM/FM Radio Flashlight Crank Dynamo

Solar AM/FM Radio Flashlight Crank DynamoESL1061 Am/Fm Hand Crank Solar Radio Multi Function: 1. Solar Radio 2. Flashlight 3. Si...
eric lee 0

offer silicon wafer of solar grade

offer solar grade silicon wafers , size : 4", 5" , 6" , monocrystalline or polycrystalline , annual ouput is about 20MW. Eric Le...
eric lee 2

Off-Grid Solar Energy Storage Batteries

Our company has HUNDREDS of tested, Certified, sealed lead acid (SLA) absorbed glass mat (AGM) OFF-GRID SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE BAT...
April K 5

non electric composting toilet for sale

this toilet is a Sunmar.  it's brand new.  we bought two only needed one and have this sitting here, so it's...
mary mattos 4

New Solar Panel for sale

I have a new Kyocera KC 125G solar panel, never installed or used, for sale for $300.  I will deliver panel anywhere in Sou...
Louis Jensen 7

New Heliodyne Heliopak 16 Pro for sale Santa Cruz, CA

New Heliodyne Heliopak 16 Pro for sale.  This is a top of the line solar water heating appliance with built in Wi-Fi monito...
John Rosasco 2

New Ebook - Tired of Making Your Utility Company Rich?

Tired of Making Your Utility Company Rich?, A Solar Homeowner Explains When & Why You Need Solar on Your Home Ebook ...
Herbert Young 0

New cheaper solar freezer and refrigerators sell

We are the manufacturer of DC 12V/24V freezers in china ,use two 85W  solar panels (34V) and put two pcs of 100 amperehour ...
Tony Han 1

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