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Wind turbine

3 New 750 watt Wind Baron wind turbines 1 - 12 volt, 2 - 24 volt models. Retail value $1100, sale price $400 (warning -...
James Wassel 17

Battery caps

600 Water Miser battery caps - retail value $5.30 each, sale price $3.00 each plus freight.Delta lightning arrestors AC & DC typ...
James Wassel 2

Solar panels

10 New 120 watt Solarex panels $400 each plus freight.150 New BP Solarex 43 watt thin films - sold only in groups of 12. $130 pe...
James Wassel 2

wind turbines

<center><font size="1" color="#ff0000">LAST EDITED ON Feb-11-05 AT 08:13 PM (EST)</font>&...
James Wassel 1

aermotor windmill tower

I have a 3-legged 30' aermotor windmill tower for sale.  $350 - located in southwest missouri - janesworld99 @ - (4...
jane harlow 1

Jacobs 1800 Watt with 50 ft. Tower for sale

1948 Jacobs Wind Electric with 50 foot tiltable tower for sale.  Generator, blades, and governor were rebuilt by Mick Sagrillo ...
Jason Bloomberg 0

used wind generators for sale

We have a few different types of used wind generators for sale.(3) Aeroman 40 kw $20k 3 phase 240 or 480 VAC, 50' tower(2) ...
jason delatova 5

Wanted- Solar Panels in New Mexico

Looking for used panels. Preferably 50W size or larger.Thanks
Jeff 1

looking for a turnkey system

Hi - I live in 92691 and am ready to purchase a turnkey system, including full installation. I have done good basic homework but...
jeff 0

Lakota Wind generato Marine Head

Used 800 watt Lakota Marine Wind generator head. One blade broken but have three new blades (not OEM) that will fit if you are i...
Jeff Ruhren 0

Used wind generators and solar panels for sale

We have two 10 KW Bergy wind generators with towers, controllers, invertors etc... We will sell both for the price of one or...
Jeff Schneider 4

Trace DR3624 Inverter & Trojan L16H Batteries For Sale

i recently purchased a renewable energy set up, there are some components that i do not need.  for sale i have a new ...
Jerry Buscher 15

Wanted: COMPOST TOILET, No-Water, Non-Electric

My husband and I have been living abroad for 3 years (partly in the Peace Corps in Mongolia)and are moving back to the U.S. to l...
Jessica Trudeau 0

Wanted: Wood to build floor for yurt/ger

Looking to make a floor out of used/old wood for Mongolian yurt/ger. If you have just torn down a barn or even have some scrap w...
Jessica Trudeau 0

Wanted:Small Woodburning Stove for Yurt/Ger

Looking for a small woodburning stove for a yurt/ger. We'd use it to heat the yurt and also to cook on in the wintertime. I...
Jessica Trudeau 0

FOR SALE! Trace SW4024 and T240 conversion module.

Trace SW 4024 Solar Inverter. 4000 watt, 24 volt DC solar inverter with built in battery charger. This unit is designed for an o...
Jim Case 7

It would be very helpful if prices were posted

some of us still have dialup so prices and locations would be very helpful on items for sale  thanks
Jim Martin 0


Our Eco Community offers each home owner a positive Natural environment within which to design and build their home.  We ar...
Jim Peck 0

Fronius IG Plus V Grid Tie Inverter: 11.4 kW, 208/240VAC, 3-Phase

Fronius IG Plus V Grid Tie Inverter, 11.4-3 11.4 kW, 208/240VAC, 3-Phase New unit used for showroom demo only:&...
Jim Weber 0

Xantrex Off Grid Inverter/Charger 1500-Watt 24VDC TR1524-120-60

Call us @ (928) 759-9983 Xantrex Off Grid Inverter/Charger 1500-Watt 24VDC TR1524-120-60 Sold 'As is'...
Jim Weber 0

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