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Grid intertie, 12KW

I have a Model 225/12kwfc inverter made by Acheval Wind Electronics.  This was used with a 10KW Jacobs.  The wind mach...
Oly Olson 0

GTFX2524 Outback Inverter for sale and 8 VLX 53 Solar panels

GTFX2524 Outback Inverter was bought last year moving and need to sell.  Solar panels are 8 years old perfect condition, al...
Lloyd Wylie 2

Hawker Batteries For Sale

I have a 48 volt Hawker battery set up ( thats eight 6 volt 1500 amp cells) never used still in the crates with hardware and cab...
Arcandspark 0

Hawker SBS C11 12volt 92ah Industrial Batteries

I have 3 Hawker SBS C11 12volt 92ah industrial batteries. These are designed to last 15 years. They are $250 for all, mint condi...
Jd N 0


we are about to build our dream house 0ff the grid need an affordable solar setup to run night time lights can anyone help pleas...
jon jess 3

High Output 12Vdc LED arrays for sale.

I just finished installing a bunch of LED lighting in my home which run off of my 12V PV system. I have been experimenting with ...
Bryson Hinton 2

Home made tilt Up tower for a H40 wind generator

am trying to ge information or advice on building my own tilt up tower.
Gilbert Precivale 4

Homebuilt Wind Turbine Parts for sale on eBay ending 3/29/09

I have parts for a homemade wind turbine for sale. These are all listed on eBay in a no reserve auction. Visit my project page f...
Jd N 0

Huge Tubular Tower FOR SALE 60 foot tall 1 foot diameter at base

LAST EDITED ON Jun-21-06 AT 05:38 PM (EST)I have a very heavy duty tubular tower for sale that would be an excellent wind t...
Epower 4

Michel Bisson 0

I am looking for used wind turbine 1KW-400RW, solar panels and long working UPS

I am looking for used wind turbine 1KW-400RW, solar panels and long working UPS.
Eugene A.Bukin 0

I am looking for used wind turbines in good conditions 100-600KW

For my clients in Russia I am looking for used wind turbines in good conditions 100-600KW without towers.
Eugene A.Bukin 1

I have a Brand new SunEye Site Analysis Tool

I have a brand new SunEye Site Analysis Tool Used once best offer I can email my receipt David (347) 291-1214&#...
David Blumenfeld 0

i NEED a solar pannel for science class but........

i really need a soler pannel for my science class, but i barely get enough allowance to buy deoderant ,a magazine ,and lunch(at ...
Brad R. 3

I'm a Marketing Executive offering FREE MARKETING help. Is Your Marketing Team Maximizing Business? I'm a Marketing Executive Available for FREE

Dear Alternative Energy Community:Did you know that the BEST PRO TEAMS draft for athletic ability not for the specific position?...
Stewart Hampton 0

im looking for a company

that can desighn and put in a wind turbine system50 to 200 mw wind farm the tie in is 38kbline4 to 5 miles from sight the avarag...
shawn cochran 3

Info needed for solar system on my boat

I want to install a solar system on my 26 foot sailboat but I don't know where to begin.  There seem to be so many differen...
Joel 2

Interested in being a Strategic Partner in South India, Bangalore

Hi there, I am looking for dealership of Solar power unit ranging from 1KVA to 20 KVA. We are placed in Bangalore and serve ...
Varun Bennikal 0


We are moving to a remote area. I will miss internet. Is there such a thing as a remote modem??
Serena Roseberry 14


1 brand new Trace SW2512 sine wave inverter - used as demo at trade shows. Sale price $1600 plus freight
James Wassel 3

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