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Air X 12v

new in opened box, never installed. First $450 plus shipping takes it. Don merlin @
Don McKillop 0

FOR SALE Sine wave inverter

 I hooked it up and unhooked within 24 hours so it's like new in box. I need a built in charger this unit doesn't...
Donald Bodda 0

Xantrex Trace SW 5548 inverter/Charger.

Xantrex Trace SW 5548 inverter/Charger.  built in 2001.  Never used, still in packaging.  48 volt. 5500 watts. He...
Doug Child 1

(6) BRAND NEW Astro Power Solar Panels 120 W

I have (6) BRAND NEW Astro Power solar panels, 120 watt, never used, still in shipping box.  Cost: $600 per panel, shipping...
Doug DeGroot 5

Jacobs Wind Generator 2500 watt

I have a 1951 Jacobs wind generator, 2500 watts, 36 volts for sale.  Cost: $2,500 plus shipping.  Please email with an...
Doug DeGroot 4

SHARP 80W (NE-80EJEA) PV Panel- For Sale

Excellent condition. Installed for only a week in parallel with an array, which didn't work out. Purchased for $500. Asking...
Duane Nealon 0

MC4 Connector Extensions and 10 and 15 amp Din Rail Circuit Breakers

Excellent condition: 8'and 15' MC4 Connector Extension #10 Awg (which have been cut) and 10 and 15 amp din rail mo...
Duane Nealon 0

45' Air Tower Kit

45' air tower kit still in box never been opened. $150.00 plus shipping call 970-481-4656 MST.
e. ostransky 4

Aeromotor windmill for sale NE Kansas

Old Aeromotor windmill in good, workable condition.  Approximately 32' tall, fan estimated at 8' wide.  All ...
Ellen Byers 7

solar panels????

I m new here on this site and just bought a house with solar panels for my water heater - the "repair" man who was res...
Ellen G 13

Xantrex XW 4548 and Accompanying Products For Sale

XW 4548 Inverter XW Solar Charge Controller MPPT XW Distribution Panel XW Communication Gateway XW System Contro...
Eloisa deCastro 0


From; Ndelle YAPWe would like to order different types of water pumping solar systems for boreholes of depth 40 to 150 meters. A...
Env Consult 3

Huge Tubular Tower FOR SALE 60 foot tall 1 foot diameter at base

LAST EDITED ON Jun-21-06 AT 05:38 PM (EST)I have a very heavy duty tubular tower for sale that would be an excellent wind t...
Epower 4

offer solar module,solar panel,solar cell

Monocrystalline or multicrystalline More than 20 items finished solar module and cell, solar panels Offer upto 100 KW solar pane...
eric lee 0

offer solar power system

Offer you best solution for elecricity crisis. Solar power system, 18w, 40w, 100w, 200w, and solar house. We can customize your ...
eric lee 0

offer silicon wafer of solar grade

offer solar grade silicon wafers , size : 4", 5" , 6" , monocrystalline or polycrystalline , annual ouput is about 20MW. Eric Le...
eric lee 2

offer Solar AM/FM Radio Flashlight Crank Dynamo

Solar AM/FM Radio Flashlight Crank DynamoESL1061 Am/Fm Hand Crank Solar Radio Multi Function: 1. Solar Radio 2. Flashlight 3. Si...
eric lee 0


For sale: Sealed lead-acid batteries  for back-up power storage. 1200 lbs. each, like brand new, 290.00 each. call Erv @ 95...
Erv Wachman 1

Question on Solar water heating

I am installing a solar water heating system, I made my own collectors. I bought a storage tank with a heat exchanger (coil). I ...
Esteban Velez 2

I am looking for used wind turbines in good conditions 100-600KW

For my clients in Russia I am looking for used wind turbines in good conditions 100-600KW without towers.
Eugene A.Bukin 1

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