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Comptus (Natural Power Inc) DC Watt-Hour Meter

This unit was manufactured in 1987 and uses a mechanical, resettable counter.  I have just reconditioned it. It measures DC...
John Hassell 0

10 KW Bergey Excel-S

Over 4 year old Excel-S with Gridtek 10 Inverter. Good condition, still under warranty. It was installed much too close to the h...
Scott Fryer 0


Jd N 0


I'm selling a Rebuilt 14" Aeromotor powerhead and 40' tower. Some fan blades and tower bolts are damaged. The uni...
John Zepeda 2

solar panel for sell

We are China Electronics Technolog Group Corporation,CETC for short,a professional PV products manufacturer from China. Our ...
Sea Lau 0

Used wind generators and solar panels for sale

We have two 10 KW Bergy wind generators with towers, controllers, invertors etc... We will sell both for the price of one or...
Jeff Schneider 4


Michael D 0

SMA Sunny Boy 2500U Grid-Tie Inverter, New-In-Box

I have a NEW 2500 watt Sunny Boy inverter... BRAND NEW In the Original box; PERFECT condition and comes with several r...
Johann S 0


Jd N 0

Hawker SBS C11 12volt 92ah Industrial Batteries

I have 3 Hawker SBS C11 12volt 92ah industrial batteries. These are designed to last 15 years. They are $250 for all, mint condi...
Jd N 0

Magnesium battery - enviromentfriendly new fuel cell system

Dear sirs, we are a German company, which is specialized in new energy systems. Now we can supply prototypes of ma...
George Müller 1

Solar panel door

Is there such a thing as a solar panel door?  Or can a solar panel be installed on a door?  Our front door gets full s...
Susi 5

Homebuilt Wind Turbine Parts for sale on eBay ending 3/29/09

I have parts for a homemade wind turbine for sale. These are all listed on eBay in a no reserve auction. Visit my project page f...
Jd N 0

for sale solar air heaters

I have several 4x8 solar air heaters located in iowa looking to trade for a wind generator. thanks
Brian Thompson 5

New Heliodyne Heliopak 16 Pro for sale Santa Cruz, CA

New Heliodyne Heliopak 16 Pro for sale.  This is a top of the line solar water heating appliance with built in Wi-Fi monito...
John Rosasco 2

Morningstar ProStar PS-30M Charge Controller For Sale

I have 2 of these PWM type charge controllers for sale. 30 Amp 12 or 24 V, with digital display.  See details in the store ...
Michael Megee 1

Solar Collectors For Sale

I have 7 solar collectors (4'x 10')that are connected with copper on the roof of my house. They have no leaks and are ...
Ron Johnson 1

Envirolet Composting Toilet for Sale

Envirolet Composting Toilet for sale.  Used only during the summer/fall months for 3 years and I am looking for around $500...
Michael Gould 2

Xantrex/Trace Items for Sale

I have the following items for sale.    DR3624 Inverter, 3,600-Watt, 24 V, 1 each    DC250 DC D...
John Hassell 0

New cheaper solar freezer and refrigerators sell

We are the manufacturer of DC 12V/24V freezers in china ,use two 85W  solar panels (34V) and put two pcs of 100 amperehour ...
Tony Han 1

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