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Go Power 1750HD power inverter for sale on ebay, barely used
Todd K 0

Aermotor Windmills for sale

Currently have the following for sale: 3   8' Aermotors 5   10' Aermotors 4  &nb...
Ron Stauffer 0

Solar Water Dish Heater/ Chickens

For Sale- Solar Water dish, can be used for animals drinking water.
Melonie K 0

Office Cubicles

It is a bit out of the ordinary to find office furniture listed on this site, but we thought we would give it a try! Our office ...
LuAnn Mattson 0

Aermotor windmills for sale and others

Currently have the following water pumping windmills for sale: 6 1/2' Monitor with stub tower Three 8' re...
Ron Stauffer 0

For Sale- Xantrex Dc175 175A, 125Vdc Disconnect W/Enclosure

Brand New still in the box (minus the lid)  This includes the box and the 175A breaker.  I was missing my lid, paid $2...
Alex Strickland 0

Xantrex SW 2512 Inverter/Charger

The Xantrex SW2512 is a 12 volt DC, 2500 watt true sine-wave inverter. This inverter has utility grade power and it features man...
Dan Splawn 0

Morningstar SureSine Power Inverter SOLD

I have a Morningstar SureSine Power Inverter for sale. This was used as a project for a few months and has been used indoors. St...
Jd N 0


Jd N 0

Air-X Land Residential Wind Turbines

Can any one guide me for the shipping methods and shipping charges for Air-X Land Residential Wind Turbines 12v land to India Pu...
Nishad Sevekari 0

For Sale: SE62-80H-045S 80 Gal Tank

we are a general contractor in Southern California that purchased a SE62-80H-045S 80 Gal Tank for a solar powered home but we di...
Diamond Peak 0

Vanner 4500 Watt Inverter For Sale

Brand new Vanner RE-4500 24V inverter with control/monitoring software and manuals.  Never used.  Still in factory box...
David Blecker 0

Lakota Wind generato Marine Head

Used 800 watt Lakota Marine Wind generator head. One blade broken but have three new blades (not OEM) that will fit if you are i...
Jeff Ruhren 0

wind turbine blade design software

$8 Software to allow you design your rotor and predict performance. Choose from a number ofairfoil sections and be able to plot ...
Christopher Turner 0

Solar Boilers and Tubes

Solar tubes and boilers for sale.Built to a high spec, guaranteed and gives endless hot water.Looking for agents world wide, als...
Graham Cockroft 0

Solar Tubes and Boilers

Solar tubes and boilers for sale.Built to a high spec, guaranteed and gives endless hot water.Looking for agents world wide, als...
Graham Cockroft 0

Solar Power Garden lamp

I like to design my own garden light with solar power. At present I am not interested in high power lamps. I need to find a prac...
Lionel Palliya Guruge 0

75W PV pannels -- US$3.0/per watt!

We have 1200 pcs of 75W Multi-crystalline PV panels for sale. Our panels have passed IEC certification, and will receive UL list...
Glenzhou 0

Maine tax rebates for wind turbine install

I see that New Jersey and California offer rebates if you install energy alt, does Maine have a program like that?
Joe Gibbs 0

Equator Conserv Freezer for Sale

For sale in Little Rock, Arkansas slightly used, almost new, 2 year old Equator ConServ Freezer.This freezer was made in Denmark...
Sandra F. Bernet 0

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