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I have a Brand new SunEye Site Analysis Tool

I have a brand new SunEye Site Analysis Tool Used once best offer I can email my receipt David (347) 291-1214&#...
David Blumenfeld 0

Trace Micro Sine M-100 grid tie inverter/ Solarex 120 watt Solar module/roof hdw

I have a Trace Microsine inverter for sale. It is currently mounted on a BP/Solarex 120 watt solar module. This combo was used f...
Kevin Crowley 2

GNB 1500aH batteries - sale or trade

Have a number of GNB Absolyte IIP 3-100A-31, VRLA, 1500aH. They are about 6-7 years old. Life expectancy is 20yrs. They are in g...
Kirby Foster 12

Bergey 10KW Excel S New Price!

Over 4 year old Excel-S with Gridtek 10 Inverter. Good condition, still under warranty. It was installed much too close to the h...
Scott Fryer 1


James Schwalbach 0


Jd N 0

Samlex 600 Watt Sine Wave Inverter For Sale

I have one of these PST-60S-12A 12V sine wave inverters. Ran for only a month before I changed to a 24V system.  Did an exc...
Michael Megee 1

Evergreen Solar Panel for sale

For sale: Evergreen ES-190-SL solar panel. 190 Watt. Size: 62" x 37-1/2" x 1-5/8". Weight 40 lbs. Can be shipped ...
John Hassell 1


Dawn Smith 0

Bergey 10 KW Excel S Sold

Bergey 10KW Excel S has been sold, thankyou. I can not figure out how to delete the ads or modify. Scott &...
Scott Fryer 0

Todd PC75, 12-15VDC, 75-Amp Power Supply/Charger

I have two Todd PC 75 power supplies for sale. I have fully reconditioned these units. They can supply 12 - 15 VDC (adjustable) ...
John Hassell 2


Jd N 0


Andrew Chelf 0


ARCO Solar 58vdc, 15amp water pumps. 1hp,1.5hp & 2hp. Honeywell motor BA5316-3351-56JB, code-8123, Berkeley Pump self prime ...
Michael & Gay Ballard 0

Pre-Wired E-Panel, Inverter, Charger, Charge Controller

Pre-Wired Solar Inverter/Charger/Controller This is a Inverter/ Charger / Charge Controller mounted on a E-Panel making...
Dave C 0

used GNB Absolyte IIP batteries for sale

I have twelve (12) GNB Absolyte IIP Type 4-90A11-R23, 4-cell, 2 Volts Per Cell, VRLA, AGM, 440 Ah, 8 Hour to 1.75 VPC, 23-inch r...
Chuck Anderson 2

Revolutionary non-fuel electromagnetic engine - Unique Original New Design

A revolutionary new type of auto engine was designed for The U. S. Army (1983) with the objective in mind to create a land vehic...
Harold Carter 2

New Solar Panel for sale

I have a new Kyocera KC 125G solar panel, never installed or used, for sale for $300.  I will deliver panel anywhere in Sou...
Louis Jensen 7

12VDC Water Pump SHURflo Model 2088-422-444

The pump is new and has never been used.  Reason for selling: Customer bought 12V pump for 24V system. Specs are: 12VDC, 7 ...
John Hassell 0

Vanner 24V-12V Battery Equalizer

This device is used to operate 12V devices from a 24V system. If the 24V system is two 12V batteries in series, it "balance...
John Hassell 0

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