Technical Discussion: Small Wind Power

Post your technical questions, answers and thoughts on wind turbine systems smaller than 20kW.


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Small Hydro project

I am currently working on a small hydro generator for my boat. I have a 760w 48v DC perm mag motor with a 10/1 reduction. I am a...
Bob Mcdowell 2

Wind Generator Made In USA?

I purchased and installed a Soutwest Windpower Air-X 400w 24vdc wind generator a few years ago, as part of a solar/wind hybrid s...
Travis M 18

600 Watt Sunforce wind turbine

Hello, I am new to this forum, but have been living off-grid for many years.  A short time ago, I added a Sunforce win...
David Cellini 2

Air X repair?

Hi Can anyone tell me if the air breeze, air 30/40 stator and electronic controller can be fitted into an early Air X turbi...
Steve Jones 0

motor driven battery charger and controller

i have a system an outback vfx 2430 invert. a fm 80 ch.contr. 4 torjan t105 225ah batt.a mate don have the panell yet but have a...
Donald Keith 2

battery charging through PMG

I have collected some data from my PMG while charging a 12v battery and I am not sure with them. The problem is battery charges ...
Simon Silwal 3

maximum power output while charging battery

Recently I have constructed a permanent magnet generator that generates 368W at 400 RPM at no load and when loaded with batt...
Simon Silwal 8

PMA wild voltage output.

OK I'm a newbie to wind power and have a basic question. Looking at the Windblue PMA's it states that on the 520 model...
Philip Giammatteo 8

Wanted: Jacobs blades

I am rehabbing a 110 v. 2500 watt Jacobs wind turbine, with sitka spruce 6 ft blades.  One of the blades is weathered and h...
David Oien 0

Voltmeter placement

I have just completed a DIY Wind Gen. I am double checking myself but if I wanted to check the output voltage I would place my v...
Max Schulte 3

Two turbines, one battery bank.

I have completed a successful test run on my DIY wind turbine, ave 200 watts, running an ac output to a rectifier next to my 12 ...
Philip Giammatteo 1

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