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Solar water heater efficiency?

Okay, PV panels are really inefficient -- around 15%. With 1 KW of solar energy falling on every square meter of the earth'...
Mike Dodd 4

United Standard SC500 control system

I am looking for Mike McVey, who posted here in 2009, that he had the manuals for a system like mine. I would like to find him a...
Kirk Hoffman 0

Grounding and Lightning Protection for thermal HW collectors

Am mounting a pair of collectors on the roof and seek information on grounding the panels. A web search offers some conflicting ...
David Wells 1

Overheat protection: hot water cylinder / PV

Hi, first time caller I have a neat 400l (~100 gal) HW cylinder. It currently has 2 X 3.6kw 240v AC  elements, top an...
Adam H 3

Flashing / sealing

I have an AET solar panel to install with a standard mount kit. What is the best way to seal the mounts on my shingle roof to av...
Brian Ramsey 3

backup for SHW during a power outage

I have an evacuated tube system (Seido tubes w/ a Purist pump station).  I would like a system to keep the pump going durin...
Edward McMonagle 1

sensor problem?

My system has been installed and working for just over a year. In that year, I've needed to use my electric hot water heate...
Douglas Toltzman 6

Legionnaires' disease with SHW system

I've set my 80 Gallon Richmond SHW tank's backup element to 115 degrees to save money since my system is usually crank...
Ben Farmer 3

Drainback DX pump sucking air

I installed a DX drainback system with 10-gallon drainback tank.  I filled the small DX tank to within 1/2" of the top...
Sean Sadler 4

Hot water heating element

I have a C35 controller switched to diversion. A single 60w solar panel. With a air heating element load. I have an opportunity ...
Max Schulte 4

Pump and Panel for Solar DHW system

Hello I am in the processing of engineering a DIY solar DHW system as described on the site  This...
Gregory Lee 6

Looking for specific install advice regarding SolarSheat 2-pack

I just purchased the twin-pack YSH SolarSheat (1500G+1500GS+install kit) air heater.  The instructions are... unclear, for lack...
Travis M 5

ups backup for solar domesic hot water circulation pump

I have a solar domestic hot water system that works great. One problem, In the event of a power outage my 115 volt gruntfos circ...
Patrick Hermsen 5

Condensation in my Solarsheat 1500G

I'm noticing moisture building up under the glass on my 1500G and it's causing it to fog up in the morning.  Is a...
Frank Eppich 1

Purging air from closed loop system

This past September, I finally installed a SHW system on my house in Vermont. Two Sun Earth 4X10's w/ 120 gallon Superstore...
William Sullivan 5

Want to heat a pool

Have purchased a 90W panel (18V, 5 A) and a liang D5 pump.   Can just hook them up and let it run as long as the sun i...
Ronald Haley 3

Plumbing schematic for interface with existing propane boiler.

I am looking for a plumbing schematic that will interface my existing Trianco Heatmaker HP M2-100 and Amtrol Storage Tank with t...
Charles Campbell 7

Need a SHW Installer advice on current issue with system

So, I have a closed loop system with QTY 2 4x8 collectors going to a 80gallon tank with heat exchanger, currently being pumped u...
Ben Farmer 11

SHW & Existing Oil-fired Boiler w/storage tank

I'm looking at SHW. I've got an existing 3 year old oil-fired boiler that provides radiant heat and domestic hot water...
Glop P 7

leak on Db drainback tank act model 15-15xss

I seem to have a leak on the stainless steel nipple wear is screws into the tank when the tank is hot 120+. it dibbles out the s...
Don Eby 2

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