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Optimum Solar Panel Orientation?

Hi Everyone!I've searched the web to no avail for some kind of software that will help calculate the ideal orientation of a sola...
Chris 2

charging a digit camera on bicycle

It seems difficult to recharge our digital camera battery charger from a flexible solar panel.  It looks like there are lig...
chris blanchard 2

Swamp Cooler Conversion to 12 volt DC

I have a Swamp Cooler that I would like to power with Solar. It has a 115 volt, Approx 8-9 amp, 600-700 watt motor. Would it be ...
Chris Bonneau 11

Large Wind Turbine News

At the Alternative Energy Store we deal mostly with small wind projects, but in the news last week were two stories that caught ...
Chris Brown 1

old fashioned hand operated water pump

We are looking for what used to be a common tool on small farms that is a water pump without any power source anyone know how th...
Chris Davis 7

in protected area om rain forest on coast in costa rica

We are trying to surpass all forms of sustainable building programs which are certified. There are a range of ways to d...
Chris Davis 0

Rodent protection

Can anyone help with ideas for protecting a rooftop PV array from squirrels or other rodents chewing up PV wiring? Is this a pro...
Chris Flaccus 2

DC wind energy....AM I CRAZEY???

I am looking at building a wind turbine generator using manufactured turbine and blades mounted on a belt driven system of autom...
Chris Ivers 1

conversion math

since i havn't found much interest in my previous post i will try another. i want to make sure that i'm on th...
Chris Ivers 2

I was wondering what people thought about verticle wind turbines?

I read an article published in a monthly farmer news paper about a very impresive, but relatively simple verticle wind turbine.&...
Chris Ivers 2

Gas range question

I am seeking information on the Premier Pro•Series 30" Model P30S340BP freestanding gas range.  I'm thinking about purchasi...
Chris Keleher 1

Help with gas range question

I am seeking information on the Premier Pro•Series 30" Model P30S340BP freestanding gas range. I'm thinking about purchasing one...
Chris Keleher 1

Can I use Microhydro?

OK, I am a complete and typical newbie.  We have acreage that fronts a pretty decent size river.  There is no falling ...
Chris Roberson 3

Americans for Energy Independence

LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-05 AT 06:19 PM (EST)I would like to extend an offer for those accessing this site to visit a brand ne...
Chris Wolfe 2

high mass heating system

im remodeling my house and have the opportunity to add a sand high mass floor as described by bob ramlow in his book solar water...
Christopher Schober 1

Am I really being Net Metered?

Perhaps I'm just being paranoid, but how do I know that the power I am sending back through my utility meter is actually offsett...
Chris_H 1

A new way of generating electricity

Hi, My name is Claudio Bianco. I am an inventor, and have just completed my last work called "Continual Wind-Up", ...
Claudio Bianco 5

Solar Storage Tank for Heliopak

I'm about to install a Heliodyne Helio-Pak HPAK 016 000 in my home and I was wondering what is the best type of solar stora...
Clay H 0

Solar Panels for RV's

We are full time RVer's and as of yet have not boon docked much.  Who or where can I get info on how many panels etc w...
Clint Davis 1

Solar vs. Wind

I found a site to build solar panels and windmills, but I'm not sure what to build first. I'm still waiting for it to ...
Cody Trotman 3

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