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Blackhawk AR-10 Tilt Rotor in the NOOZ again!

This was shot a couple of weeks ago and aired last Wednesday:
Bruce Boatner 0

wind heat

hi is there any way to harness wind  generation direct to some sort of resistans wire to make only heat .regardlessof fluct...
bruce jones 9

Help with Solar DHW design

I have read through the entire foum and find little information on Solar DHW.  I am remodeling an old farm house, and want ...
Bryan Anderson 1

Ideas for an irrigation system

I am interested in ideas to use alternative energy to drive a portable irrigation system for a 10 acre plot on a lake in central...
Buddy Green 1

Abandon fossil fuels!

We don't need to conserve fuel. We don't need to drill for more oil. We do not need to invest time and money in finding new meth...
Butch Begy 5

Bergey XL1 grid tie

Does anybody have an XL1 in a grid tie set up..?? and also, does anyone here have a Lakota wind turbine or could link to...
Bw B 2

wiring up 2 inverters

has anyone hooked up two inverters to one solar system. say one inverter runs like attic fans during the day and the other runs ...
Byron W 2

Now what?

I salvaged a solar panel from an electric fence; now what? I'm not looking for much, maybe a yard light or string ...
C. Earle Miller 4

March for Renewable Energy!

Environmental Media Northwest and Captain Ozone are organizing a public March for Renewable Energy in downtown Los Angeles on Se...
Captain Ozone 0

Resale value of Large Solar Panels

We have two large solar panels (approximately 11'X4')that were removed from our house when we had a new roof installed. I want t...
Carlene 2

Led lighting

Hello all I'm a little confused! I'm trying to figure out the amp hours I need for my future set up. So obvio...
Carlos Settle 3

Multiple off grid systems

Hello again I'm working on a project to build a off grid vacation complex. The complex will be 15 cabanas. My big ...
Carlos Settle 18


Let's get some comments on this forum about generator choices. I realise that the goal is to be alternative energy proactiv...
Carlos Settle 5

Photovoltaic advice please

I wonder if anyone is running their home using photovoltaic energy, off grid? We are having a house built and it seems a viable ...
Carol Maggs 2

where do I begin?

I just bought a house in Vermont.  I want to use as little electricity as possible. I am interested in a gas stove and refr...
CathIe P. 3

Need some advice

I work as part of the finance team for a chain of luxury stores and recently I feel like we can be saving a lot more in terms of...
Cecilia lazo 3

hydroelectric power system

With all the information and various equipment available for small hydro electric generation- surely someone has installed it in...
Charles Coffing 1

12 volt system

Hi I'm wondering is there any real benefit of having a battery bank larger than a 12 volt system. With the MPPT controllers...
Charles Harte 1

NOVICE Q: Solar feasibility in Northeast US suburbs

Greetings,A few questions from a total tyro here.  My wife and I are considering a solar setup to provide some of the heat ...
Charles Homan 1

lattice tower

I am planning to build a lattice tower to both serve as a drill platform for percussion drilling of a well then to use it for a ...
charles kramer 1

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