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Old PowerUp panel compatability?

I would like to increase my charging abilities of my small system. I currently have a PowerUp model #BSP-2012 and want to get an...
James Johnson 7

hebco wind generator newbie quetion

I have a hebco wind  generator that I'm told ran an airstrip until a few years back.I cant find any info on the unit a...
Denis Hourihan 7

Tankless water heater to heat baseboard heat in house.

Has anyone used a tankless water heater to replace an oil furnace baseboard heating system ?  Can you recommend a MFG to co...
Craig R 7

Solar Generator

Hey all i am a true newbie. I am still in college and am interested in seeing if i can build a solar generator for cheep that co...
Natalie Cramer 7

PLEASE HELP ME , I am in need of education ASAP ! ! !

I am buying a small acreage in missouri and want to use wind turbines to supply all my electrical needs. I know nothing about th...
Kimberley Miller 7

can conservation be immoral?

 this question came up while getting the electric bill today.  i live in a three story building with the...
David Ames 7

i solved the energy crisis- i dare you to replicate my experiment

              Hello, my name is Solomon Azar-   I HAVE FOUND THE...
Solomon Azar 7

AGM batteries safe enought to have in the garage????

Are AGM batteries safe enought to have inside the garage???
Solomon Manansala 7

The Manhattan Project of 2009

There is a new book on just released last week called "The Manhattan Project of 2009" by Jeff Wilson. ...
Sherry jANSEN 7

wiring solar panels together

Does anyone have links to information on how to wire solar panels in an array. I've purchased one solar panel and want to g...
Vince Allen 7

Global Warming and Energy Independence Supression

Hi guys, 1st off, I may go slightly off topic but it's a broad topic I'd like to talk and see your guys opinion and ma...
Thomas E 6

The future of mankind

Subtitle: (Rare, Medium Rare, or Well Done?)At one time or another in our lives we may have seen the images of or heard the stor...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 6


I need some help, I'm going to get 2 Trojan 105 batteries to start off my small off grid system but I'm not sure if I ...
Jeffrey Peterson 6

The Strive to be independant

Okay so after watching the Al Gore movie, I've decided that I 'm going to build an environmentally friendly house.&nbs...
Brian Wilcox 6

Paint / Coat roof to reflect sun's energy?

My house has a shingle roof.  As you can imagine, they're black.  Black absorbs the sun's energy quite well, so in t...
Travis M 6

Velux hot water system

I'm seriously thinking about going with the Velux hot water system that has just recently been introduced into the US. I�...
Jerry Klinken 6

2 long questions from a Newbie... regarding solar hot water space heating

1) I have started an attempt to educate myself about solar water space heating, which I would like to install to supplement heat...
Ronald Hiemann 6

Alternative energy for my home.

Hello all I live in northen Michigan.  Ben heating the home with wood about 98 % for the last two years.  And now tha...
James LeMay 6

Choosing the best solar panel

I am in the process of picking pv panels for producing most of my own electricity (approx 88%). I am getting a number of differe...
Andrew Morris 6

3 years off grid! And............

Thank you very much to everyone who has shown interest in my project.  I tried to give a quick synopsis late last night wit...
Karen E 6

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