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questions about solar powered circulator pump for solar hot water system

I’m planning a new solar evacuated tube hot water system and had a question about the circulator pump, which I’d like to run...
Jerry Klinken 9

Ultimate solar fan

I was hot the other day (Florida) and decided I needed a new fan.  Suddenly the solution came to me a car radiator fan. ...
Travis A 9

Solar Thermal Hot Water or Tankless Hot Water

Looking for advice and help deciding on how to proceed. We currently use an electric hot water heater, to provide hot w...
Keith Birchfield 9

wind heat

hi is there any way to harness wind  generation direct to some sort of resistans wire to make only heat .regardlessof fluct...
bruce jones 9

Sorry for the noise folks :(

[post deleted -Nick]
Wendel Smith 9

Our New President And Renewable Energy

I hope Obama follows through on his promises to lead America into Energy Independence. This past year the high cost of gas has s...
Sh JA 8

Solar Thermal - Adding heat to crawl space

I have a crawl space on a house built about 10 years ago. It is in excellent condition, with very little moisture conce...
Keith Birchfield 8

parallel panels via their junction boxes

I currently (3) solar panels and have each individual Kyocera KC-40T panel on it's own wire and it's own breaker hooke...
James Johnson 8

What would be the cost of a PV system for an "average" income household?

Hi all.....   First off I want to say that this is the best site I have seen on renewable energy products! And to h...
John Austin 8

Great quantity of free solar energy constantly

link - It's mine
Platini Michel 8

Evergreen Solar EC115 for sailboat

Thinking about purchasing this, the special which includes the regulator.
Robert Jackson 8

wood drying shed

I would like to build a solar powered wood drying shed approx 1400 sq ft. 12' x 20' x 7' high. Something similar ...
John Laughlin 8

Solar heat pump

I'm looking for people who would be interested in a solar powered heat pump for their home. This would work similar to a co...
John E 8

Batteries / Off-Grid

When would you use 12v, 24v, 48v, or 96v batteries for an off-grid system? Is it strictly cost related or is there an advantage ...
Andrew Rasken 8

Solar Air Conditioners???

Air-conditioning accounts for the major portion of my electricity usage during the summer months. Since evaporative cooling is i...
John B 8

Need help in Charlottesville VA

We are looking for a local solar and radiant contractor. I have looked in the usual places to no avail. Can some one help? Thank...
Darren Wilkins 7

Anyone Using Uni-Solar Shingles or the Solarsheets?

I'm finally in a position (after 30 years!) to be able to have a home with some solar applications. So, now the decisions!&...
PT Martin 7

Backup solutions for small appliances for 2 to 3 weeks where electricity is NOT

I travel extensively to some very remote places in Haiti where there is NO electricity sometimes for weeks. I normally travel wi...
Robert fourcand 7

old fashioned hand operated water pump

We are looking for what used to be a common tool on small farms that is a water pump without any power source anyone know how th...
Chris Davis 7

Solor water pump for 220 gal. water cistern

Hello, I am the director of an environmental learning center in eastern NC and we have a small off the grid cabin/campground...
James Sasser 7

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