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Sunspool draindown valve

Need the  electrical part for it -will take whole valve to but only need electrical heater expansion box. Mark
Mark Cortright 1

Wanted Door for Wood Stove

WANTED We need a door for a wood/coal Allens model 205 D parlor stove.  We need the big main door.  Must be rare c...
Toni & Greg B 2

Looking for used solar panels in Ottawa, Canada region

Hello, I'm looking for used solar panels and solar setup equipment.  I'm located in Ottawa Canada but am wil...
Sean Collins 3


Wan Suwito 0

Looking for Used Air X's or mallards or hornets

I am loking for used Air X's. Air 403's, mallrds or hornets. Will pay cash and pick up anywhere in the US ...
Steven Simoni 0

Reynolds Crowntop Circulator Pump

I need a replacement pump for my Reynolds Aluminum Crowntop solar hot water system circa 1981. The pump for the tank water (not ...
Jim Reineck 3

Tankless water heater

Looking for an UL and CSA approved instant water heater. Only using it for a low flow shower - 2gpm Any ventless availab...
Jerry Pierson 1

Wind turbine for Ski Resort

Hi, my name is Hubert Nolet Côté, and I'm a student in training for Boralex in Quebec, in electrical engineering ...
Hubert Nolet Côté 1

fan needed for mullbank composting toilet

I have an elderly mullbank (circa 1975) and need a replacement fan 120v AC. Any help locating one would be appreciated. I'm...
Joe Dewey 3

composting toliet

Aloha, I'm looking to buy an Envirolet Basic Plus or Sunmar NE, new or used in excellent shape.
Brandon Lima 12

Solar powered quadracycle

I was dissabled in a very bad Motorcycle accident about 5 years ago and I think I will not recover any more so I cannot work for...
djw46 Waller 0

reynolds aluminum solar

I need the plastic for my collectors and the foil lining inside. And other tips on this system
Eric Vonschmidt 0

Plastic panels

Am searching for 4x8 or 2x8 plastic panels that have the 1/2" channels down thru two sheets of plastic. For a better descri...
Frank Bingham 3

Wanted- Used Hydro Generator

I wish to acquire a used Hydro-generator to operate with at least 30ft head and 1000gals/min; to charge batteries for demonstrat...
Carl Duncan 2

house for rent

a couple of us here at Alt-E world headquarters in hudson, MA were kicking around the idea of trading in our apartments for a ho...
James Cormican 2

Need Solar Water Heater asap!!

Hi, my company is looking to buy solar water heaters which will see a water flow rate of 40 gpm, with the inlet temp of 85C and ...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

Wind Generator/Turbine

I am in the market for a new/used wind generator that can produce at least 2000W and be grid tied. Older like Jacobs would be fi...
Donald Goins 2

Someone to install grid kit in MA

Yup I need someone to install it for me. Harvard MA.
Pat Macroberts 2

looking to buy USED 50KW wind turbines

I am interested in buying 5-6 used units of 50KW of wind turbines. It should be in a good operating condition.Reply ASAP. Genuin...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

Good service?

Hi Alt-E Staff, I am very sad about your service. Why not give me a response? I have difficulties in handling ...
Peter Meng 0

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