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Seimens solar panel

Wanted to Buy:  Siemens Solar Panel - 35 watt, 21" X 25 " with 36 half squares.  Need these dimensions to fi...
Cynthia Bangs 0

diversion load controller

I am looking for diversion load controller,  the 60A XANTREX or TRISTAR are the largest for sale .  where I can fi...
Michel M 2

Centennial Solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America

Centennial solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America !, we offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design...
Gord Terlier 0

A Job!!

Looking to connect with solar installers, technicians, and creators for work, commentary, and advice. Also willing to provide av...
Aaron Mandelkorn 1

Looking for a Siemens M55 PV panel

I have one now, and looking for a second one to pair it with. Anyone have one they could sell me?
Lyle Bergman 0

Older Jacobs Flyball Govenor wanted

I am looking for a flyball govenor or parts for one to fit an older Jacobs generator, model 60. Also looking for other parts for...
Bill Zweibohmer 4

Wanted Schools Anywhere in the USA to Install Wind Turbines...

we have windturbines going up in nevada at a school!! e-mail us ...would like to dosomething in california or any other states.....
Reggie Andrews 0

Residential Solar Energy System Wanted

We are looking for a 1.5 to 4 KW solar energy system (PV) including solar panels, controllers, pure sine wave inverter for a 120...
Martin Kristen 2

500kW up to 1MW Wind generator request

I am looking for 500kW up to 1MW Wind generators Located in the States for sale; New or used. Please remember to include pr...
Juan-carlos Parra 3

wanted 50 KW wind turbines used,in good condition

wanted 50 KW wind turbines,used ,operational,in good condition,50 Hz, to power AC water pumps .
Chamel Macaron 0

We need 175 W solar modules (have europian sertificate) more 100 modules

mail for connect: lukin.a @ semeral.ru
Andrey Lukin 0

wanted: decent sized solar panel (up to 100w) with shattered but present glass

I have an idea for a method to repair a solar panel with a shattered glass surface if the glass is not missing.  I don't w...
Travis M 3

Wanted: propane or oil fired refrigerator or freezer

that could be delivered to Seattle WA or Seward AK or Phx AZ
Dale Langmade 1

compost toilet

Looking to manifest a good used compost toilet ! I am in Northern California..and am willing to pay shipping. ...
Kali Littlewing 2

Wanted FREE Propane Refrigerator

Rescue Children Orphanage is currently housing 17 children and are living out of 2 igloo coolers.  I am looking for someone...
Eugenia Dellapenna-Hyatt 0

wanted small fridge

I'd like to run a small fridge or freezer off of solar power. About 2 foot square.  Anyone know of one cheaper th...
Joy Jolley 0

Building a new home....

I am building a new home.  The front of my house will face South.  I wanted to know, if any PV panels/materials existe...
Steven Gomric 1

Solar Power for Public Health - used 65-80W solar panel

Hello, I am a Canadian PhD student doing public health work in rural Panama.  Specifically I am looking at the interac...
Carli Halpenny 3

large plastic cover for solar heat collector

my collector is built into my roof. it is 50  by 4 ft. it is made of plastic with fiberglass reinforce. it is 25 years old ...
Louis Cotton 0

Solar controller

Hello,   I am looking to purchase a used solar controller. I am a high school student doing a science project build...
Jesse Clifft 2

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