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Light Thru

I’m interested in a PV array for the home.  My research has led me to a couple more architecturally pleasing panels such ...
Will Christensen 0

Wind Turbine 300-900W

I looking for a new/used wind turbine in the 300-900W range. I am located in VT and would consider paying shipping for the right...
Melinda Cobb 2

Used solar panels needed in NC

I am seeking good used solar panels around North Carolina that we can purchase at a reasonable price. We are hoping that someone...
Sue 1

using wind energy for reverse osmosis process

we are looking in the middle east for a system that could hanress wind energy for reverse osmosis process .Did any body try that...
mohd ali 1

Solar powered pump for open loop system.

Hi All, does anyone know where I can purchase a small dc motor that will pump water from my tank to a flat plate collector? I ne...
Alan 3

Looking For Used But Intact Solar Charger For Notebook

I'm seeking a used but intact solar charger for my notebook such as the solar gorilla. The chargers should be able to give ...
Monika M. 0

Small Grid-Tie Inverter Wanted

If anyone out there has a new or used Grid-tie inverter for sale, I'm interested in Sunny/Windy Boy 700, Enphase Micro, and...
Johann S 0

Cadmium Teluride Solar Panels

Cadmium Teluride Solar Panels - Does anyone know where I can get CdTe Solar Panels?  I found a company that has them, b...
Jack Spamless 0

Reynolds Aluminum "Crown Top" Heat Exchanger & Panels For Sale

I purchased a house 10 years ago w/this solar collector series #1400 or #1500.  I have no idea if it is functioning. I&...
Mk Knight 1

Solar Panel Cardboard Shipping Boxes needed

I have 4 Photowatt 105 watt panels (56" x 26" x 2") I want to ship from Texas to NJ via UPS. I dont have the orig...
John Anderson 0

3624 parts needee

I need circuit boards for my Trace DR 3624 inverter any help in finding where I can get them would be appreciated Thanks ...
Donald Bodda 1

Solar Panels of 10kva - 30kva

I am looking for solar panels to buy and use in NigeriaI will like to know if you make sola panels that produce power as much as...
Oghor K. Ejovi 6


Hello: I own an HS TARM model 502 multifuel boiler.  When I originally purchased the boiler 15 years ago, the coma...
Jeb Hart 8

Siemens Junction Box Covers - Wanted

I am looking for junction box cover plates for older style Siemens solar panels from the nineties. The model I have is a M75 but...

Wanted SunnyBoy SB700u in NJ

Does anybody have or know of a used SB700u 700 watt 120Vacinverter they want to sell. Please contact me at JKAsolar @ comcast.net....
John Anderson 0

WANTED -- Northern California owners of Sun-Mar composters

I'd like to chat with an experienced owner before buying.  Please call Jeb at 650-327-7091 or email jeb @ mac.com (Palo ...
Jeb EDDY 1

used solar panels

i am looking for a few solar panels close to iowa in working condition or solar air heater panels. thanks
Brian Thompson 0

Xantrex SW4548 230-50 needed

hello everyone! I'm searching for Xantrex SW4548/230-50 Hybrid inverter/charger together with its additional compo...
Domantas Klicius 0

wanted used windseeker or whisper wind generator iowa

i am looking for a used windseeker or whisper wind generator for a school/city project. please email or call. thanks located in ...
Brian Thompson 2

Investor for Renewable Energy Products

Most of the electricity generated on this island in the Caribbean is from hydrobon Fuels and is extremely costly to consumers at...
Carl Duncan 10

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