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Solar Christmas Tree Lights

I was researching product for our annual community Christmas tree decorations. Are there established solar powered Chrismas Tree...
Chris 1

Looking to purchase complete wind system (grid interdite)

Hello,I'm located in Atlantic Canada, very windy here and am looking for a system that can produce 5 or more KWH per day. It mus...
Rob Hines 0

PEX tube

Hi,I'm having a hard time locating a source for 3/8 PEX tubing for a radient heating project for my home. We are in Upper Lake C...
Cecil 2

Wind to grid system

I'm looking for a wind-powered system that I can tie to grid. Something with no batterys, very little maintenance and relitivley...
Rich Ross 4

Looking for Used Composting Toilet

I am currently looking for used composting toilets.  I am looking to purchase right away. Please contact me with any offers...
Beau Hamer 0

Propane Refrigerator In Stainless?

Hi...I have been looking for a propane refrigerator and a small stand-up propane freezer in stainless steal. They all seem to be...
Claire Marwick 1

Christian Organization

Infinity Embassy Church is a Christian Organization devoted to restoring and distributing donated items to the homeless and othe...
Michael West 2

solar panel pond filter kit

Does there exist a solar panel powered pond filter?  I've seen the fountains, but what about a pond filter?  I'd like ...
California Mansions 0

looking for home kit links

A man I know who owns the land adjacent to mine has just retired and is going to build a simple home to live in for the rest of ...
Mary Mc Donald 0

Wind turbine wanted in Iowa

Looking for a new or or used wind turbine 10kw or smaller. Also looking for somebody to install it. Thanks
brian thompson 0


I am looking for a wind power source that looks like a windmill that you would find on the prairie.  Any recommendations?Th...
Peter Mosby 1


Where can I salvage sliding glass doors for reuse in a green house?
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Self Contained Solar Submersible Fountain Pumps

I am looking for a self contained solar powered submersible fountain pump supplier. I have seen floating types advertised for sa...
Pati Wetherell 0

Wanted Composting Toilet

Looking for a small unit for a cabin in Wyoming, reply here or e-mail to cwilson @ goatpacking.com
Charlie Wilson 0


Joy White 0

Power meter for a wind generator

I have installed a wind generator in Nicaragua and I want to measure its performance.  Does anyone make a relative inexpens...
Terry Bufton 1

Horse water tank

I have these water tank that freezes in the winter and because I don't have electric power enough up to that area, I can't use t...
Wilma Heriot 4

wanted: one SP-75 solar panel

I am looking for a single Siemans/Shell SP75 solar panel.  Used is fine.
Craig Miller 2

installing solar or wind power

Where would I find someone knowledgeable to install solar or wind products.  I live in Ohio with a zip code of 44683
B. Bosley 1

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if the inverter outs 230V

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if  the inverter outs 230Vwanted.
adrian 0

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