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Help!!! somebody am going crazy...

Help am looking for solar panel for a friend, that's something to run a desktop Pc. Can anybody give me a kind suggestion o...
Doris Ekpere 2

composting toilet

i am interested in seeing a composting toilet in use. i am looking to buy sun mar centrex  or equivalent  if in the ce...
Sam Cetrano 0

Extrusions for Solar Water Panel Frames

I have a solar collector for water but need to build a frame (box) to be able to use it. Does any one know where I can get some ...
Daniel Ridgeway 1

Small Solar Panel: 10-15W

I need a small solar panel on the cheap, from 10-15W, as the title says. Something durable would be preferable, but I'm ope...
Patrick Luckow 1

Southwest Windpower H80 Parts Wanted.

I am trying to keep my H80 running for a few more months.  I desperately need a top casting.  If anyone has parts for ...
John Tyson 0

just in time for the holidays: I want a composting toilet!

Last Christmas my husband gave me car parts. I tore open the box and found... a steering wheel. To honor my hubby'...
Copeland Casati 0

jacobs wanted

i am after a jacobs wind turbine,i will pay good dollars and pay international freight if needed.
paul melis 5

water pumps

Hi,I am looking for a suppliers of the Gloria-water pump in South Africa.Thank you kindly,Basie Botha
Basie Botha 2

Wind Power Job Available

Looking for a really sharp, motivated person to assist me in the development of my wind generator business.  Resp...
Tom Wickey 1

Solar water system

I am looking for a used solar water system.  If you have one please call 860-668-6625.Greg
GregC 1

Want to buy


Electric grid tie.

Hi i need an electric grid tie inverter charge controler. I need  to have a cut off for the power company.Used would be Ok ...

Solar water system

I am looking for a Solar Hot water system as well as someone to help install it.  I am located in CT.  Please call 860...
GregC 0

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.  I have a weekend cottage that I would like to take of...
Gary Derkacz 1

wanted used composting toilet

we are looking for a non ele. composting toilet used in good working condition our email is read only at the library so if you d...
Bill Hughes 9

Wanted: deep cycle batteries

Wanted: low cost deep cycle batteries, 6V or 12V, lead acid, Edison cells, or liquid nicad. Should be within reasonable driving ...
G. Brown 0

Want to learn how solarpower is made

Want tolearn how to make solarpanels. I have very little money but I am willing to work very hard To make a diffrence in the sol...
Gabe 2

Brown's gas manuals

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a used set of Brown's Gas manuals, 1& 2 These were written by George Wis...
Dan Clizer 0

pex pipe

i hav lots of surplus pipe of all size
dan phinney 3

Lowest Solar panel price (150Wp, 75 Wp)

Can anyone offer me or inform me of solar panels available in the market with the lowest price including shipping..in bulk order...
Joel Clavecillas 3

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