How many watts?

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Jan 17, 2005 08:15 am
How many watts?

    I recently traded for a solar powered Inverter But I know nothing about what it is I've got Its tandem trailer mounted The array is about 5' x 8' with 7 panels and is affixed to a devise which follows the sun, ect. My question is How does one tell the wattage of a panel as I've got.   I was told this thing I traded for is a 7k inverter, How can I tell? That would indicate to me that each panel puts out 1000 watts?? 7x1000=7kw Or is my thinking on the wrong course? anybody out there, I would be grateful for a little infomation, The biggest inverter I could find was only 5500watts and $24k Thanks in advance
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Sep 3, 2011 09:53 am
Re: How many watts?

All solar panels should have a data plate on the back that shows the UL or Etl listing, voltage and amperage. (volts x Amps = watts). The panels may be wired in series, or series parallel. The comparing the output of the inverter and the output of the panels is like comparing apples and oranges. Are there batteries in the system? My advice is to do some serious research before spending any money...

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