Technical Discussion: Solar Water Pumping

Designing or have experience in solar water pumping for homes, cabins, farming, or fountains? Post your questions or share your experience here.


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Determining panel size to run shurflow pump

MY PLANNED APPLICATION:  I want to power a SHURFLOW 12V, 3 GPM, DIAPHRAGM WATER PUMP  [#2088-343-435] directly from a ...
Douglas Archbald 4

Lorentz PS600 Photovoltaic Pool Pump System

I had no luck finding any reviews for this product prior to my purchasing the I hope this helps anyone who might be ...
James Waikulu 5

Battery bank for swimming pool

Is this calculation right? i have a pool with a 1hp pump - or 743W, say 750W Following the method on this sit...
Marc Christian 3

System for Rain Barrel Pump and More

I am planning a small (tiny) system to primarily charge and run a small pump to be used to transfer water from my rain barrels t...
Kenneth Alepidis 6

Shurflo DC Surface Water Pump Question

Hi! Can I ask what is the maximum inlet and outlet head height/lenght for water transfer because it will be used to an existing ...
Yans Demesa 0

new installation of solar power for swimming pool pump

hi, I currently have a Haywood above ground pool (13x17x4) running a 1 hp ac motor/pump and would like to see about changing...
Eddy M 6

Need to design a small solar garden irrigation system

I know very little to nothing about solar power and solar water pumping. I am planning to put in a vegitable garden and the ...
Cory Stegemoller 5

Pond Water Fall Pump

Hello, we have a couple of ponds that have 2500, and 3500 gph waterfall pumps.  We also have a full solar array on the roof...
Carla Ruigh 3

Can you pump wih a 48 v panel

The 48 v thin film panels are low in cost but I want to pump water with a 12v pump.  Can I downcovert the 48v to 12?
Conrad W 5

Newbie needs help with small solar water pump

Hi I have a stream near my pasture. I want to pump water from it at a constant trickle/stream to a water trough about 20 fee...
Susan Dinion 3

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