solar panel output

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Oct 8, 2010 07:55 pm
solar panel output

I’m a little puzzled on this.
Kyocera solar panels
KC 40T is rated at 43 watts. Now you take into consideration the rated power tolerance of plus 15% and minus 5%. Its going to be a rare day that someone gets the +15%. Does the +15 % get added to the 43 watts or is that factored in already? Does the 43 watts turn into 47 or 48 watts?

KC 40 watt and the KC 50 watt rated power tolerance of +15% and -5%

plus 10% and minus 5% on the KC 65 watt to KC 200 watt

the KD 135 watt rated power tolerance is plus 5% and minus 5%

In my way of thinking the plus side of the tolerance adds to
the power rating. Am I somewhat correct?
Thank you
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Oct 10, 2010 11:36 pm
Re: solar panel output

hey ray, modules are listed at their nominal output, with the potential of (in this case) 15% more than the listed output. in a small battery based system this can be great, but in larger strings can be very problematic. inverters and charge controllers have a maximum (and min.) voltage and current that
they operate within.
so yes, the plus side does add to the power output (on those rare days). -m
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Oct 21, 2010 10:58 pm
Re: solar panel output

I would have to say that any +/- is going to be in amps and not necessarily volts.  A solar cell pretty much has a set voltage it produces, and the amps change depending on the size of the cell.  A 1x1 cell might make 1A at 0.5V for 1/2 watt  where a 2x2 cell might make 4A at 0.5V for 42 watts.  The point being, the voltage stays pretty much the same.

On your question though about 15%, probably not going to happen.  A lot of companies make oh say 185 Watt panels and 195 Watt panels.  both are essentially identical in physical dimensions and materials.  Now when its being tested, if the panel is putting out really good, it's going to get a 195 label on it, if it isn't putting out that much it's going to get a 185 label on it.  I can't see them intentionally giving out watts for free.


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