wiring a hybrid off grid ssytem

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May 20, 2011 08:30 pm
wiring a hybrid off grid ssytem

does anyone have a schematic with AWG for a 12vdc 200watt turbine and a 10 watt 12vdc solar panel.  the turbine puts out a max of 20 amps ar 12vdc to a 12vdc cc and links to a 12vdc solar cc.  the wind cc and the solar cc combine ont he out circut to the batt.  a mk 92amp 12vdc agm.  the out leads on the solar cc goes to the inverter line.  a 1750 samlux is on the out line.  there is a 20amp dc breaker on the turbine side before the wind cc.  the solar cc has a 5 amp fuse on board. any thoughts or schematics on a typical wind . solar schematic.  the inverter is a mod sine.  the ac circut has a 20amo vac nreaker after the inverter.  the inverter only runs 5 in at a time.help on all compnonerts are within 9 ft of each other.
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May 22, 2011 11:15 am
Re: wiring a hybrid off grid ssytem

Pat, sounds like you got it pretty much right. Only thing I would suggest is to possibly add a second battery.
 Here are some wiring suggestions-
 - Wire each cc directly to the battery, not spliced together as it sounds you did. (If you add a second battery then wire each cc to opposite ends of the battery bank.)
 - Wire the inverter directly to the battery. (Surge power may damage the small cc.)
  Does the wind cc have a diversion mode? If so you may need to make a diversion load that will handle the wind power once the batteries are full. There are several ways to make them or you can purchase something here at Alte.
  As far as AWG, there are charts here at Alte and other places so you should be able to easily find how long a run of a particular gage wire is suitable for your current outputs.

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