trimetric meter.

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Nov 8, 2013 08:46 am
trimetric meter.

  I have a bogart 2025 rv trimetric meter on my battery bank. I called and spoke to them about it and have it hooked up right. my battery bank is a 12 volt 2250 amp hour bank of twenty 225 amp hour superlex 6 volt golf cart batteries.

  I like the meter, but I wonder how accurate it is. my battery bank shows 90% charged when it shows 12.6 volts left in the bank.  I have it set by the directions and have put all the info in the meter.

 before anybody gets on the high voltage band wagon, i'm NOT going any higher than a 12 volt system.  I have all the power coming in I need and am very happy with the system. going higher in voltage simply is not needed for me. the system has been running for awhile now and with no problems. higher voltage will be a problem because I have to start spending money to replace inverters that do not need to be replaced.
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Nov 8, 2013 12:27 pm
Re: trimetric meter.

Hello Billy,
It is important to remember that the benefit of having the Trimetric is that it looks at amps and voltage.  Reading a state of charge on voltage alone is not always accurate.  The voltage of a battery bank will vary based on loads running and charge going in.  That being said, looking at a chart for flooded lead acid batteries it is showing that a 100% charged battery that has been sitting for 6 or so hours with no charge or discharge would be sitting at 12.7 VDC .  A battery at 80% charge would be at 12.5 VDC.  So 12.6 seems to be right for a 90% state of charge, if it has been sitting with no charge or discharge.  If you have a load on the system and are reading the voltage, a fully charged battery could be sitting at 11.5 - 12.7 depending on how heavy the load is.  If a charge is being put into the battery, a fully charged battery could be sitting at 14.4 - 15 VDC.  So reading the current, as the Trimetric does, is more accurate as long as it has been calibrated correctly when the batteries were fully charged.  I will not get on the high voltage band wagon as you requested, but i will say that 10 parallel strings will result in an uneven charge and shorten the life of your batteries.  It is better to have  higher amp hour batteries with a lower voltage that are in series than it is to have many parallel strings.

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