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water heating panels, tanks.. last=years

Alternate Energy Technologies BRAND last how long and what grade would they be rated? How long do these tanks and pumps last? I ...
Chris Anda 0

Water HEATING in winter - shade morning+afternoon?

I want to get a closed loop system. There is shade in the morning and afternoon. I can not remove many trees on the afternoon si...
Chris Anda 0

mullbank composting toilet

I have a Mullbank composting toilet I bought, brand new, but no instructions.  It is electric, has a paddle type cylinder i...
Gg 2

Non-matching PVModules

Can you connect different size modules to a charge controller. I have one 80W and one 40W and each is protected by a diode, and ...
dave gundlatch 2

Active wifi repeater with solar cell

Hello,Im new to the solar system.I need to setup an active repeater for my wireless lan. My access point uses 5V @ 1 AMP. The un...
Alexander Johansen 1

Dump Load units

I am just about finished with a proto type dump load I made using peltier thermocouple devices. These little items are ust what ...
Arcandspark 1

alternative energy for a hotel

I need to find a good alternative energy to put into a hotel that is being built in costa rica. I would like to make it eco. fri...
Paul 1

Geothermal from waterwells.

There seems to to be no one interested in developing the geothermal potential possibilities of shallow  100'-500' wells. I ...
Jim 2

Wind turbines and air blowers

Hola,I would like to connect an air blower (858 W; VAC: 115/230; Hz: 50/60; Amps 12.0/6.0) to a wind turbine that can supply eno...
Salvador Rego 2

C 40 Load Dump

DC Diversion ModeC-40 In this mode, all power, which is not used from Air 403 to maintain a full charge on the batteries, is div...
Fernando Claude 6

parallel stacking of two trace DR 2412

Hello, I baught a second  Trace dr 2412 to run 220vac loads. It turned out that I changed my mind and I will not to run 220...
richard thivierge 0

Voltage selection

I'm wondering for what is the main reason to usethe wind generator in version of 12 V, 24 V, 48 V or else. Thanks so much for th...
P.Bunlunusorn 2

Used Panels

I have purchased 2 used solar panels from the CSX Railroad.  They measure about 18 x 25 inches.  They each have a numb...
Richard Hudson 1

how many amp hours is a car battery

hiabout how many amp hours is a car battery???and can i use a car battery or 2 with a inverter to run a celling fan ( about 17 w...
Terry 2

battery capacity ratings

Why are 3 different capacity ratings given for any particular battery. eg for a Surrette 500 series 12v (12-cs-11ps) it is quote...
Pete Newton 1

windmill power

I have just converted a 100 year old windmill with an alternator to produce electricity. I am not sure what charger, inverter, b...
ken johnson 0

Connecting Hybrids

How do you connect hybrid systems, such as a wind turbine and solar panels.  I know you have a charge controller for each g...
Paul Kavan 1

life of batteries

I have question about the life of the batteries and which ones would give you the longest life.  I am thinking about doing ...
Mr. Ander 2

differential contoller

I am looking for a place to purchase a delta t differential controller for a domestic water heating unit
mark 1

remote internet bridge

help, help, help. I can not for the life of me figure out what size battery, and solar cell i need. I have a wireless newtwork b...
nick stoyshi 1

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