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Hi everyone, I live in bonnie scotland (more wind than sun) and i'd like to build a wind turbine. Hugh piggott's site is great i...
simon Hill 2

how to reduce wire size form pv to house

i just bought 5 ec-110 panels 12v 3.42a/ 24v 6.84aand wish to hook them up to a 12v system i have some 6v interstate work horse ...
tractors nmore 2

US64 Solar Panels & Trace SW4020

Completely new to solar please excuse my novice questions. I was given 4 new US64 panels and a Trace SW4020. Have a large flat ...
Scott Vanover 4

DR3624 configuration

LAST EDITED ON Jul-24-04 AT 04:02 PM (EST)Is it possible to disable the bypass relay on the DR series inverters, and if so,...
Curtiss Lonsbury 4

charging battery

can any one tell me approximately the time it would take to charge a 12 volt battery using a 5 watt solar panel? thanks
denis farrmer 1

6 blade conversion for the 403

  i lived in arizona and used the 403 for 1 year i was not as happy with it's performance as i expected i would be ,it was ...
j scott 3

Bypass Diodes / Do I need them?

The Solar Panel Manufacturer states the following in their documentation "It is recommended that Bypass Diodes be installed, esp...
Chris_H 2

circuit protection of small solar system

I have a solar panel, MorningStar regulator, battery, and inverter in order to run a cash register and scale. Where do I need to...
ann greig 3

Last-Ditch Gel Cell Fix....

Hello All...Often, I have found that "Maintenance-Free" really means "No Maintenance Allowed--go buy another one", and that "Her...
J. Chris Cloud 1

Maximum number of PV module

LAST EDITED ON May-30-04 AT 08:38 AM (EST)Knowing that the Sharp 175W-R5EIU has; Isc of 5.55 Ipm of 4.95 also that the Outb...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

charge controller with Ametek permanent magnet motor

Hello,I am putting together a microhydro system using a 20V Ametek permanent magnet motor with a waterwheel. I need a charge con...
joe wood 0

panel size

Im installing an attic fan,drawing 2.8 AMPS AT 120 VOLTS,im not sure what size panel to use.Also,can i expect to run this fan al...
richard matthews 3

battery charging set-up

I have an a-frame pop up camper, live in CO and am interested in a solar battery charging set-up.  I'm looking at the Uniso...
Cheryle Sullivan 2


 I'm using a trace C40 controller so I don't need to use diodes on paniels but decided not to remove them. How does this af...
Ernie Smith 2

Need help with Solar water heating,Collectors

 Hello I live near Canada where we get -30 during winter. I have A indirect hot water heater,in conjunction with home hot w...
Chuck Smith 1

Ohm's Law
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

I'm just getting started and could use some advice.

I'm building a shed in my back yard and would like to experiment by powering it with solar. I'm looking for a simple configurati...
Mike Vettori 6

Building a new home in Ariel, WA - need spec recommendations

I am building a home in Ariel WA where we have sun January through October. I need help designing the system. The home is 3600 s...
Donald Clifford 3

windpower generators

   I am looking for the best price on a new complete package windmill that will produce app.400,000 kw a year in an ar...
Dave Graybeal 0

Solar Panels

We have 8 large (4'X 8') solar panels on our roof.  They are not in use now.  We believe that they were original to th...
S. Redfield 1

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