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washing machines and modified sine waves.

I'm new here and hopefully someone out there can help.  My household is run on solar and have the Trace DR 2424 inverter. &...
mona krupski 0

air-x amps

What is the amp output for the Air-x, 12 volt at minimum and max wind speed? Thanks
Norman Toevs 0

Grid tied and battery? Worse two different voltages?

We're close to deciding to move to Europe [Italy actually] nextsummer/fall. The idea is to add a grid tied system when we fix up...
Robert Davis 4

gel vs sealed

I am in the market to replace the batteries in my solar system. Which type of battery will provide the best performance vs longe...
jorge boubion 1

propane viking

I am about to purchase a viking stove with propane for top burners and the oven since we can not get natural gas. I am also &nbs...
Sharon tracy 1

Intertie question

Hi there I'm a newbie so I'm sorry if these seem like dumb questions. I've been researching installing a grid intertie system fo...
charles Lyle 10

differences between 12v to 24v or even 48v systemes

i would like to have the differences explained to me. i am on a 12v 5k aims mod sinwave with 2 deep cell 1020 amp with 400 min r...
robert critchley 2

Notice regarding Steca Solsum 8.8x

LAST EDITED ON Oct-11-04 AT 06:17 PM (EST)***DELETED***
Robin Lim 0

Question about using Steca Solsum 8.8 with Xantrex XPower 300 Plus

LAST EDITED ON Oct-08-04 AT 01:28 PM (EST)Hi,(Edited to move question up)Questions:Does the steca solsum 8.8 support AGM ba...
Robin Lim 2

solar panel in a parabolic

If a 10 foot satellite dish were covered in foil and a solar panel were put in the bottom, would the solar panel's performance i...
Mary Adams 2

Geing ready for fun and survival if needed

Hello,To make a long story short, I want to build a "shed" experiment in soalr and alternative living, and use it as a camper/sa...
Jason Ebacher 3

Off grid system

I need help finishing a power system for a remote cabin in Utah.  I am planning on a battery system backed-up by an 11KW LP...
Michael Duke 2

New to Solar need help with setup

I have a freind who's dad works for a company that uses Solar Panels...for running radios at night....gas wells i think....anywa...
James Hicks 5

Tower for a Bergey XL-1 wind generator

I am thinking about putting up a 40 ft tower (overall height) for the wind generator. The first 20 ft will be my water tank towe...
pslynch 1

Mobile Computing Needs

Hello, As part of a graduate thesis, I need to construct a portable solution for a desktop computer in a 12-20 RU rackmount road...
John Taylor 1

Fact or Exaggeration ?

LAST EDITED ON Aug-27-04 AT 05:36 PM (EST)I see solar panels (especially on ebay) that claim readings of 76-98 Volts DC (op...
Mike Barnes 3

mounting solar panels without roof penetrations

hii want to mount solar panels on rooftop of my house but dont want to penetrate the roof structure in any way..i was reading ab...
arshia mehta 1

Permanent Magnet Alternators

does any one know where to get a Permanent Magnet Alternator or motor cheap??? i need to ues it with a small engine ( 3 to 5 HP ...
Terry 3

charging a deep cycle battery

LAST EDITED ON Aug-12-04 AT 11:35 AM (EST)hi.  here is my situation:  we have a cabin in the mountains of pa whic...
wes doremus 2

GFP breakers

I would like to know why Trace is the only company thay has a Ground fault protection breaker for use on roof mounted PV arrays ...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 4

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