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Mono or Poly

Of the materials that panels are made of what is the more desireable? That is what is available to the general public.
Max Schulte 2

What to do with my reynolds solar Hot Water System

My Reynolds Solar Hot Water System has been functioning just great since it was installed in 1982. The 120 gallon tank finally w...
Marc Siegel 6

Wind Turbines on RVs

Hello again everyone - Another issue I'm curious about is installations on RVs. Since roof mount installations ca...
Bramley Munz 1

How to check inverter output.

I have a Solarex 120w panel with a Microsine M100 inverter mounted on it. It was working fine when I took it down to do a reroof...
Kevin Crowley 2

wind turbine charge controller

Hi, Im setting up my first wind turbine, and I am looking into what kind of charge controller would be best. It was suggested th...
Andrew Rainboldt 1

how to program Tri-Metric

Can anyone tell me what I should use for values to program my Tri-Metric. I have a 24 volt system with 4 new trojan L-16 batteri...
Ed Gold 2

Roof mounted wind turbines

Hello everyone - Does anyone have experience with roof mounted wind turbines that they would like to share? I'm c...
Bramley Munz 0

Wiring multiple windmills

hi, I would like to set up multiple windmills near my home, however I my house is in between some hills, and there is better win...
Andrew Rainboldt 4

Hybrid System

I'm looking to set up a new solar / wind off-grid hybrid system. I've decided on using a 3kW wind turbine and a 2.1kW ...
Kevin Moore 4

grid tied whisper 500 turbine?

Hi. I've been recently looking to purchase a medium sized (3KW) residential wind turbine to help reduce our electric consum...
Tim Redgewell 2

Charge controller needed for mini hydro

Hi, I'm trying out a new Ampair UW100 submersible hydro (12V, up to 8.3A), and not impressed with the manufacturer's c...
Matthew E 6

Xantrex MPPT 60 aux output - how to wire it?

I'm wondering if someone can explain to me how to connect my wires to the Xantrex MPPT 60 auxiliary output.  The manual is...
Matthew E 1

Mini Wind gen question

I have a small Wind turbine that can take 2 to 6 blades. My question is for safety reasons if I switched to 2 blade would that u...
Max Schulte 13

Xanterx XW ,,,,,How to add another battery bank?

First off, I have 16 agm 6volt 200 ah batteries wired in a 24vdc bank 800 amp hrs total, all connected to a 4024 xw system. ...
Chris T 0

AGM batteries and equalization charge?

I'm setting up a system with Haze AGM batteries and an Ampair mini hydro (UW100).  Unfortunately the only charge contr...
Matthew E 1

a little help

Posted by Lee Butcher on Today at 07:51:59 PM a little help? We are living off the grid in South central Texas (mason c...
Lee Butcher 9

info needed for very small stand alone system

I am wanting to have a bank of 4 12v 35ah batteries that I will charge about once a week.  I'm in LA area and according to...
Brad Wilson 1

backup generator.

Hello I am building a home and plan on being off grid.  My system will consist of wind turbine, with a battery ba...
Alfred McCall 5

trojan batteries

I started with two L16h 420 ah trojan batteries. they were used for lights, small radio, small computer. About seven months late...
Ray Grose 10

Ground question

Right now I have one positive connection and one negative connection from the battery for my solar panels and then the same for ...
Max Schulte 1

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