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Portable solar panels for home?

I rent and would like to add solar panel to the home I rent.  I can not get the owner on board because she is not willing t...
Hartensia Johnson 2

New to Solar Power - Beginner Questions

My daughter found a small snapping turtle last week. We turned an old tub into his new home. I decided to add a water fall and p...
Shane Riley 6

How to connect a generator with a battery(12v) or with a lamp?

I need some help with my schoolproject which is to build a windmill. The windmill is all clear and the last thing is to con...
Robin Andersson 13

solar panels output

Ihave the option of installing a 200w panel or 2-100w panels in parallel.which option should i take and why Regards sham...
Shaman Abla 3

Testing PV Power Output

I watched the "Solar Panel Testing" video on the AltE website and measured my panels. The open circuit voltage (voc) =...
Jimmie O 5

Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT PC MeterBus Adapter

I have the Morningstar Sun Saver Duo. I want to add the Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT PC MeterBus Adapter to my system. Since neithe...
Jimmie O 0

Xantrex C35 controller

Who in the forum actually has this controller? My question is how hard is it to switch from dump load to pmw mode?
Max Schulte 2

Minimum string size for Solectria 3000w grid-tie inverter?

Hi all, I'm starting off relatively small and and have had my Solectria 3000w grid-tie inverter hooked up. Recentl...
Tracy N 10

Backfeeding existing circuits

As a result of adding propane for heating and cooking to my home, I now have 2 high-amp 240V circuits unused in my main circuit/...
Robert Leese 2

Time it takes to fully charge a battery from 40% discharge state

I’m planning to hook up some rechargeable batteries to power an inverter where solar power will act as the only rechargeable s...
Sorbari A 3

Use only electricity that is generated by solar panels and what is stored in the

Can you setup an inverter to power the load if there enough solar energy being produced or use the batteries and not use the gri...
Gary Miller 4

Amp Meter Shunt

Whats the purpose of a shunt on the meter when measuring a DC current? Thanks Jon
Jon Schniers 3

getting started need help

I am just starting my research on going off the grid, I want a wind turbine, but not sure how big to go. If I use around 2797 KW...
Amy Quinn 3

what's my mistake?

I built a bundled firewood vending machine. I am trying to convert to solar. The machine runs off 110 volt A/C. Here's the ...
John Laughlin 3

Blue Sky Energy's Solar boost 50DL

I am just a beginner... I assembled 2 100W solar panel...specs: VoC- 25V IsC - 4A I wired these panels in parallel with ...
Glenndie Gigante 3

Xantrex XW Power Distribution Panel AC Breakers

My son just installed Xantrex XW Hybrid system. There are 3 AC circuit Breakers in the Power Distribution panel. The center one ...
Ray Westbrook 2

4 Kyocera Panels in Series = 80 volts?

I have just installed 4 Kyocera 135w solar panels on my Sprinter van and am curious as to the output from the solar array. ...
Sam Elmore 3

Going Grid Tie

I am going grid tie and I would like some tech assistance. I have solar panels, wind mill and small hydro unit the max I can...
Donald Bodda 0

12V Thermostats

I've got 12VDC battery power and 12VDC "El Sid" circulator pumps for my hydronic heating.  Right now I have ...
Thomas Anderson 5

Distance of Inverter from batteries

New guy here - I see all kinds of warnings about getting sparks, including from my inverter,  to close to deep cycle batter...
Mark Hartford 22

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