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strong lightning protection for solar pumping systems- expert advice desired

Hi, We have been involved for several years with solar water pumping systems used in developing countries to bring water to ...
Michel Maupoux 0


Okay, so I want to go solar, I live in the desert.  AND I AM SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING FOR THE UTILITIES/GOV TO DO ANY...
BarrioBob Berrara 3

Solar Attic Fan - can I charge a battery with it?

I have a solar powered attic ventilator fan. Since I live in Arizona I figure I can unplug it for several months in the winter. ...
BarrioBob Berrara 3

One Circuit solar/wind

My brother tells me I can buy a solar/wind generator and just plug it in to a circuit in my house like you would plug in any app...
BarrioBob Berrara 4

Grid Backup For PV System

I'm building a system to run a 30 watt pump and some LED lights for a Koi pond. It needs to run 24/7 or else fish will suff...
Chris Kreymann 6

Do I need a 12v or 24v charge controller?

I've decided to resell the 5-watt panels I bought earlier and now I'm ordering 16 x 15-watt amorphous solar panels &nb...
Alan Dennis 0

car radio hook up

want to run 12v radio off solar panel.what do I need besides panel and battery? and how big on both?This is all new to me also b...
Ron Hoyt 3


I have some old lawn mowers and chain saws. Is it possible to use the magnet pully and line up 4 or 5 coils and put it on an old...
Lan Go 5

Need a little help

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Just getting started in the Off-grid lifestyle. and I am using it primarily for a remote cabun, but hope to bring some of what I...
Joel Serra 35

Grid Supply Issues

Hi all!  I am looking into purchasing some Kaneka 60w panels for a small installation at home.  I am planning on havin...
George Mackintosh 3

Shed Lighting off of Inverter

First time poster, new PV system builder here... building it all from scratch and learning as I go.  I'm trying hard t...
Jim D 3

Small System Suggestions?

I have a system that draws 5 WH per hour 24x7. I have wind power at the site but it has changed drasticly in the last year. New ...
Jerry Allen 6

Maximum discharge rates of AGMs

Hi everyone, This is my first post here.  I just picked up 24 5W solar modules (.35A x 15V) at about $3.33/watt. I...
Alan Dennis 5

grounding a small DC/AC system?

How should I ground my system and or change it. 128 watts of PV panels with two trojan 105 AH batteries, prostar15 controlle...
Todd K 6

Drainback vs closed loop antifreeze

I plan to heat a shop space w/ solar hot water.  Heat and heat-storage will be via radiant slab.  The space is very we...
Steve Ostrander 6

Air 403 to Air Breeze

Hi Is it possible to upgrade my Air 403 to Air Breeze?
Torbjorn Saether 0

Amp Hours

can a e27sdlG (MK) 98AH and a 12sc90 84ah  be hooked together to increase AH capacity or do all batteries have to be from s...
Joel Serra 3

12v Switches for interior lights/outlets

I've researched around and keep finding that normal household switches are not DC rated.  I'm curious what you al...
Fritz Frerichs 8

2 charge controllers

At this time I have 2 kyocera 50 watt panels hooked in parallel to one 20 amp charge controller I also own a 15 watt panel t...
Rene M 2

DX-R-10 Drainback system efficiency questions

Does anyone have experience with one of these systems?  I would like to discuss this system with other folks who have simil...
Jason Dowdoe 18

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