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Wind turbine and Batteries

Hello Again. the wind turbine I am considering can be purchased either as a 24v or 48v, what do you think is a better w...
Alfred McCall 1

Generator charge to battery question

Hi everyone, I'm new here and have some questions. Please help me. 1. Can I connect the  Inverter 25...
Dave Ng 1

battery protection

I recently purchased a solar system and installed it with the solar panels feeding the controller then the controller feedsing t...
James Kalloch 2

Green Energy Summit 2009: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability

World Leaders Gather at Green Energy Summit 2009 to Plug Bailout Scenarios Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, and Sustainab...
Shaguf Mohtisham 0

Wind, Solar, Propane Generator Combo

Hello All I am new at renewable energy and have many questions.  My Wife and I are in the process of building a home.�...
Alfred McCall 2

Do I need multple charge contollers?

I think that what I need is something to read about how to charge a battery bank from both a solar array and a generator. Sugges...
Philip Morgan 1

Charge Controller

I have a off brand charge controller. Rule off thumb if the solar array is disconnected and the battery is connected if I use my...
Max Schulte 3

Enphase Inverter

Does anyone in the forum have one of these units in service? For my budget going with one of those inverters is an option howeve...
Max Schulte 1

Multiple sources of energy

I posted this in the installer forum but noticed many more participating in here. Please forgive the duplicity. I have ...
Gary Fuller 2

solar angle

I am repositioning my panels and would like to set them at the proper angle for DECEMBER 21 2008,I guess that would be my best b...
Rene M 10

What is the Best Battery Size?

I have the AirX 400W 12VDC Wind Turbine and a 2500W Inverter. What is the best size battery to use in between the two? I could a...
Stephen Cord 2

Need smart electrician to help!

Hello, I have a 230v 10amp well pump.  It's a franklin electric 3/4hp pump.  It has a control box in my ...
Patrick Guenette 7

Battery box from a Coleman ice chest?

I'm thinking of making a battery box for 300AH of 12V AGM batteries from a wheeled Coleman 50 quart ice chest (the kind tha...
Alan Dennis 2

Wind Generator Stop Switch

I have a Southwest Windpower Whisper 100 Wind Turbine.  Due to weather constraints and time available to install it, I will...
Eric F 1

Different Battery Capacities in Parallel

Hi, newbie here, I have a boat with 3 4D 12V batteries in parallel and I would like to increase the battery bank capacity. ...
Douglas Simms 4

series pv panels into parallel in combiner box

can I have a different series set of pv panels combined in  parallel in the combiner box. I have 2 --3 panel sets of 208w s...
James Anspaugh 5

Issue connecting to Regulator

I have two UniSolar 64W Panels with the Quick Connect wires, I have the panels connected, but in going to the regulator, there i...
Kristine M 4


I have a 3000 watt Generator that has a battery charger 12 volt and I believe 8.5 amps output ( I don't have the spec sheet...
Rene M 6

solar lawn lighting

I've been thinking about taking my solar yard lights inside after dark and using them for evening lighting. They are the ki...
BarrioBob Berrara 3

Hey Folks

I have just recieved (3) 4 volt 400 amp. hr. batteries to connect in series for a 12 volt system. I am new to this so here goes,...
Steve Serge 1

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