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Mis-matched batteries

Battery Question: Preliminaries: 1. Location: Eastern VT, Cabin located at 3000' Elevation 2. Consumption:...
David Comeau 4

Check My Calculation

I need someone to check my calculation. I am using a 5w 110v bulb thru an inverter. 6hrs a day 7 days a week. Average 4 hrs of s...
Max Schulte 3

Where and how to set up a solar pool pump system

Hi I am in South FL, with a 14k gal pool, I have called some places to inquired about a solar pool pump system and found very li...
Reinaldo Lopez 2

Modified sign wave inverter and the new HE washing machines

HI! I need to know how the HE washing machines do with the Modified sign wave inverter.  Anyone have this experience with t...
Kim Powers 2

solar/wind on Xantrex C35 and no charge from wind at night.

Sunforce 60 watts of solar, Air-X 400watt turbine both feeding a Xantrex C35 charge controller in PV charger mode (not worried a...
Daniel Johnson 5

Specific Gravity - are my batteries charged or not?

Still learning my system: I have 2x 6 volt 400Amp hour Rolls/Surrette deep cycle batteries. Unfortunately, they stood unused for...
Sally Errey 16

Li-ion for storage

Can Li-ion batteries be used or does anybody have a small setup that uses Li-ion (example:laptop battery).
Tony Butterfield 7

Bying a farm in the country, Puerto Rico.

Need some advise in what kind of wind turbine i need for my farm, dont have any electricity from the city. In my old house i use...
Maria Gontan 3

How much do I need?

I have a vary large home and property with lots of gagets and stuff. I want to power it all with wind and solar power. I want to...
Ellwood Bartlett 2

What is wrong with my system?

I have succeeded to up running a 1000watts non-glass type panel system at home and something happen on the second day.  Aft...
Gary C 12

Permanent Magnet DC Motor wiring question

I now have my DC motor hooked up properly to my batteries.  My DC motor is run by pedaling an exercise bike.  I am usi...
Mark Hartford 7

Morningstar PS-30 System Help

Ok, I've got 6 50w kyocera 12v PV cells, running into a PS-30, out to 3 interstate MegaTron SR-27 Deep Cycle Marine batteri...
Glenn Spencer 4

Trace 3624 will not wake up

I have a DR 3624 trace inverter and I can't get it to wake up when i hook up the DC supply all it does is click I looked in...
Donald Bodda 3

battery equalization

I am looking for some documentation or other solid info on the calculations needed for advanced programing of my Outback Mate. M...
Ron Hardwick 1

Morningstar Prostar 15A with AC/DC Adapter for input

Well, this is not really a solar application, but I just wanted to know if it is possible to use the Morningstar Prostar 15A or ...
Issac Mathew 6

solar collectors for space heat

On a home that has an existing hot water radiator heating system powered by an oil burner, could you integrate a solar hot water...
Jeffrey Guevara 1

Looking for a wind system wiring diagram

I'm looking for and can't find a diagram for a small home wind turbine system (100-400 watts) that isn't written ...
David Yurk 4

kids science project with solar

Iwant to help my son (10 years old) create a photovoltaic display for his science project. Unfortunately this will be inside...
Tom Schultz 3

Importance of UL listed modules?

Obviously the UL listing has become an industry standard but how necessary is it? Are UL listed modules required for PV...
Jeffrey Guevara 5

Should I use Trojan or Interstate batteries?

I'm torn between price and distance to travel. Interstate dealer is approx. 30 miles away, about a 1 hour trip, and Trojan ...
Gordon DeBower 9

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