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Connecting two solar panels to a single charge controller

Is is possible to connect 2 solar panels to a  30A charge controller. The Solar panels are both 12 but one is 80W ...
Dare Devils 2

Connecting to AET piping

Just recieved two shiny new AET solar panels.  The instructions with the panel state that there is a "nipple" con...
Lawrence Lile 5

How to calculate the inverter size for a 5kw system?

I am planning to set up a 5KW solar PV stand alone system. how to select the size of inverter required for me?
Dare Devils 1

Battery / Off-Grid system

When would you use 12v, 24v, 48v, or 96v batteries for an off-grid system? Is it strictly cost related or is there an advantage ...
Andrew Rasken 2

bicycle solar panels

I am preparing for a solo cross country bicycle trip beginning June 1. The route will follow the Lewis and Clark Trail from Asto...
Tony Baltes 1

can high powered DC blowers powered by solar?

Hi everyone  I am planning to have an air blower of capacity 1500cmh. That to using DC power which is directly gene...
Dare Devils 4

Hot breakers

I’ve just put in a 14-solar panel system with a DR1524 inverter.  Everything went very well except that we had a bit of a...
Eagle Resources 7

garage door opener

Hello to all, I would like to connect my garage door opener to one(or more if needed) solar panel(s). This opener is equippe...
Kon Pik 5

Need help with LED lighting

I have a smackerel of experience with electronics. None of it is "hands on" experience with LED's. The ...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 4

Sump Pump powered by Solar system

Hi, I am really interested in setting up my sump pump on a solar energy system. I know absolutely nothing about kw/ac/dc/convert...
Al West 1

MPPT and PWM on same battery bank?

I have a C40 charge controller (which I understand is PWM) charging 4 L16HC batteries from 4 Siemens Panels.  I also have 2...
Rhett Fouraker 3

Do C-40 controllers go bad?

I have a c-40 charge controller on my system that I bought used from a man foreclosing his house.  I installed the system a...
Rhett Fouraker 6

Xantrex C-series charge controllers - CM panel

I was wondering if anyone knows whether (in Diversion Load mode) the readings on the CM display - Amps, Watts and cumulative Amp...
Bruce Boatner 4

Tracker vs. MPPT controller

I've seen allot of % of performance increase figures for MPPT controllers (particularly in cold weather) but have yet to fi...
John Fox 2

Whisper 200 control panel

I received no instruction guide with my whisper 200 control panel My question is :if the reading is Kwh 11.14 is that trans...
Donald Bodda 1

How do I determine how many wind turbines I will need???

My home and shop use about 1800kwh per month and I noticed the wind turbines are rated by watts only. How do I convert ...
Richard Moschilli 2

solar space heating BTUs

Can someone clarify the output ratings on the SolarSheet and SunMate heaters?  I'm trying to heat an open area that is...
Peter Riebold 5

Bang Bang Bang goes my solar hot water heater

When the sun is shinning bright and the panels are a cooking, the pipes in the solar hot water system start to bang. It...
Jim Patera 10

connecting turbine to solar

I have a solar system set up for 24v.  I want to add a 12v air-x turbine into the system.  (I already have the turbine...
Rhett Fouraker 2

Battery Bank

I came across a faulty battery on 24 volts system with 200 amp-hr bank capacity. 2 strings of 100 amp-hr The battery ban...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 1

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