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Grounding panels

I am trying to find out the ground wiring sizes for a roof mounted array. Is the frame ground also the lighting ground, if not d...
Charles Harte 2

Battery State of Charge

Most of the 12volts inverter cutout the battery at 10.5volts to prevent over discharging.   Based on the battery st...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 14

Load controller function

I have a BlueSky charge controller with a 25amp load controller function. What is this used for and should I have it connected?
Steve Dovel 2

Newbie needs help!

I'm new at installing RE and trying to understand. I have installed a C-Series 60 Amp 12/24V Regulator or LVD or Load Div. ...
Roxie Perkins 9

Seasonal pv/solar pool heating

I have a 28,000 gallon swimming pool in a wooded area in Raleigh, NC.  The pool has the problem of being generally a little too...
Wayne Jones 2

mixing solar panel voltages within a single solar array

Are there any problem running different voltage panels as part of the same solar string. I have a SB1800u and 10 PW100...
John Anderson 9

Leak in Collector plate

Hello .. I have an old solar hot water system.. it appears that my differential controller is screwed up (just ordered the SunEa...
Dan Jordan 0

Battery size calculation based on insolation and load

How to find the size of the battery ie., based on load or based on the solar insolation. If i hav a laod requireme...
Tech Guy 1

One diversion controller for Wind and Solar

I have heard conflicting statements from a number of sources. I have yet to get a clear answer, just personal preferences with n...
Bently Harris 2

Verify AH on Flooded Bateries?

Does anyone know the best way to physically verify the AH capacity of flooded batteries? This would be nice to check if...
Bently Harris 3

Inverter to Subpanel wiring – hot/hot

Should an inverter feeding a lone subpanel feed both sides of the buss (as 220 would) then go though 2 breakers to the 110 outle...
Bently Harris 6

solar hot water pumps

The Rheem 80 gal hot water tanks with heat exchanger seems to be popular for solar applications.  However, I noticed somewh...

Solar system for workstation computer.

Hello, I’m interested in solar systems but I never did something. Now I like to know if some one can helps me to setup one...
Francisco Ordaz 4

Battery care for summer camp

I am planning on installing a small off-grid 500w PV system in my summer cottage in Maine.  My question is about batteries....
James J 4

Sunlinq 6.5Watt 12V Portable Power Pack with iPod

Hi I would like to buy Sunlinq 6.5Watt 12V Portable Power Pack and use it to charge my iPod. I saw also Global Solar iPod Ac...
Pavel Dusicka 1

economic solar water pump design

I live in the San Ildefonso Ixtahuacanm Huehuetenango Guatemala. I work with the Social Ministry of the Catholic Church in a sus...
Todd Bauer 5

Questionnaire for site surveying to install a solar PV system

Hi everyone! Can I get a questionnaire prepared for site survey of a solar PV system which includes the following. ...
Dare Devils 1

AC amps - DC amps

Hello all, I've been trying to wrap my head around a couple of things lately and was hoping someone could shed som...
Dave C 10

Combining Sharp 224w panels

Hello; I have 2 Sharp 224w panels that I want to combine voltage on.  Can someone advise me on what I can use for ...
Stephen Hagerman 1

Lorentz vs. Grundofs Pumps

Trying to get some feedback on Lorentz and Grundfos pumps.  We are about to install two remote livestock watering pumps on ...
Morgan Bassam 1

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