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Air breeze wind gen.

I have an air breeze(200w) marine gen. to charge my 4-6v batteries but for some reason the air breeze is not charging the ba...
William Potts 3

temperature setting question

I have an old working solar panel hot water system. It is more than 20 yrs old on the house we bought in 07. There are two close...
James Mei 1

Do I need to charge a new battery before I install for a PV system?

Hello, I got new batteries, and if a I start charging with a solar panel it is not going to be charged full just after ...
Gergely Markolt 5

PV panel on wheelchair

I have a Hoveround wheelchair which is powered by 2 12V batteries. I have a 5 watt PV panel that I want to mount on the back of ...
charles Lyle 5

Required Solar Power Agricultural Water Pump

We are looking for a Solar Energy based solution for agricultural water pumping.   Our scenario and requirements a...
Omar Chaudhry 13

Pin assignment of DRI stacking interface cable for DR series

Hi, After a lightning strike I had troubles to get repaired my inverter DR2424 and had to buy a 2nd one. After finally some...
Dan Sy 2

Heliodyne DHW Closed Loop AC Powered System Question

Folks I have a quick question for you in regard to a Heliodyne AC closed loop system. Should I install a UPS electric backup sys...
Clay H 5

reynolds aluminum panels mixed with copper panels

I have just acquired 2 4 X 12 ft Reynolds panels and was thinking about adding them to my existing array of panels that are all ...
Mark Gaul 1

Wind Turbine amp draw?

I hooked up my amp gauge the other night when it was still and the meter was reading 00.1. It is a 2 amp digital meter so I took...
Max Schulte 1

Confusion about solar connections.

I have some Sharp 167 nd-u3 panels. I could use 2 more in my string. Can,t find any as they have been discontinued. I found some...
Victor Snodgrass 1

Showing voltage over disconnect breaker when off?

Shouldn't I be showing an "open" when measuring the voltage when the disconnect breaker is off?    I h...
Ann Byers 10

Solar Hot Water Panel Installation

I live in Michigan. Should I install 2 evacuated tube collectors, in series or parallel? Shouldn't I get hotter water from ...
Tony Ratcliffe 6

Questions about Siemen panels

Hi all, great site. I have two Siemens M75 48W panels wired in parallel. � Aimed directly at the center of our sol...
The other Michael B 20

Firewood vending- convert to solar

The machine vends prebundled firewood.Plugs into 110v outlet. It uses an electric motor (6.7 amps) that turns a screw drive to p...
John Laughlin 2

question about switch panel and fuses

Hi there, I am putting together a small 12V electrical system in my cabin. I am looking for advice on how to properly w...
Bob Christensen 7

Connector Confusion Don't want to mix up polarity

I'm confused. I am wiring two panels in series. I have the panels connected together however I understand I need to wire th...
Ann Byers 5

System requirements

I have an outdoor large item vending machine on it's  own trailer. It uses 110v ac,20 amp.I would like to convert ...
John Laughlin 7

Mixing pwm and mppt to same bank ok?

I have a MPPT charging a 12v bank and want to make sure its ok to add a pwm charge controller to the same bank. This is...
Keith Birchfield 6

Battery bank generator

Im want to build a small back-up 24 volt battery bank generator. I have a 125 amp, 24 volt electrodyne alternator, I want to tur...
Russell Rogers 2

Best racking solution for wooden shingles?

Any advice or reccomendations on a PV racking solution that would work well for a pitched roof with wooden (cedar) shingles? ...
James Hasselbeck 3

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