battery charging set-up

Jun 11, 2004 11:20 am
battery charging set-up

I have an a-frame pop up camper, live in CO and am interested in a solar battery charging set-up.  I'm looking at the Unisolar 32 flexible panel, and wondering what type of controller I need.  I have 1 marine deep cycle wet battery.  I don't use a lot of heavy duty elec things in my camper; fantastic vent, occas. water pump, rare lights, occasionally charge PDA, laptop computer through inverter.  Would appreciate any suggestions.
Jun 13, 2004 05:45 pm
Flexible PV module

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I see where the Unisolar flexible 32 watt PV module has a Isc of 2.40 amps. If one multiplies that by 156% this comes to 3.75 amps. This 3.75 amps is quite possibly the utmost that the module could every produce, and that would be under some extreme circumstances.

The same module though will produce an Imp of 1.94 amps. If one multiplies this by an equivilent number of hours of full rated charge, which of course depends on so many factors, but I will assume 4 hours, then one would have a total of 7.76 amp hours going to the battery.

It would better to know the amp hour rating of the battery you mentioned at the 20 hour rate, but. I will once again assume. If the battery has a 100 amp hour capacity at the 20 hour rate then then the top 20% of that would be of course 20 amp hours. It would be better to know just how many amp hours will be consumed in a 24 hour period. It would be better to know also if this system will be used full time or just on weekends. In short how much time the PV module will be in the Sun compared to how much time the battery will be used.

But all in all I would suggest the
Solar Converters Inc. PT 12/24-10
There are so many to chose from that would perform equally as well. The reasons I would suggest this is the MPPT technology as well as its ability to directly charge Ion-Lithium batteries which your PDA might possible have. No need to use the inverter just to charge it if this is the case. Alos with a 10 amp maximum ability it will allow you to ad upto 1 more of the same Unisolar flexible 32 watt PV modules if you like to play it safe, 2 more if really what to hot rod it, 3 more for a total of 4 modules if like to live on the edge:)
But like most everything else in this world, the harder that controller is used the less time it could last.

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Jun 15, 2004 07:57 am
Re: battery charging set-up

just check out the sunsaver line of controllers. One should suit your needs based on your input or output, "load", current.

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