Xantrex XW Power Distribution Panel AC Breakers

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Mar 6, 2010 02:55 pm
Xantrex XW Power Distribution Panel AC Breakers

My son just installed Xantrex XW Hybrid system. There are 3 AC circuit Breakers in the Power Distribution panel. The center one of the three is labeled By Pass. It is ganged to the breaker to its right so that when the right side breaker is ON the By Pass breaker is Off. What is the function of the By Pass Breaker? The right hand breaker transfers power coming from the inverter to the panel in his house.
Mar 7, 2010 09:01 am
Re: Xantrex XW Power Distribution Panel AC Breakers

I just installed Twin XW6048's. (Great System) The bypass feature simply re-routes incoming power from your utility company to your inverters back to your distribution panel and in effect going around your inverters in case you need to service an inverter or you have an inverter go south on you. This way you isolate the inverter in order to service the system and still have power to your house.

Keep in mind that there will still be HOT circuits in the A/C row (TOP) in the Distribution panel. And for that matter, if you don't kill the solar arrays at the combiner box, you'll have some serious DC voltage present at your controller breakers. (Don't touch those puppies either!)


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Mar 7, 2010 09:17 am
Re: Xantrex XW Power Distribution Panel AC Breakers

Thanks Dwight,
  My son has a small cabin and is totally off the grid. We connected his generator to the top of the breakers on the distribution bars where the grid would normally come in. In his case he wouldn't have the generator running if he wanted to service the unit but I can see it would be useful if he was tied to the grid. Thanks for the reminders about getting zapped. Ray

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