Wiring solar panels together

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Dec 14, 2008 09:49 am
Wiring solar panels together

I have 4 Kyocera 130 panels with each pare wired together. I soldered the positive and negative from each pare together and then feed each pare to a charge controller. I don't seem to be getting any power at the connection. Is this an acceptable setup or is it cancelling out each other? I don't seem to find any data on wiring two units together.
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Dec 14, 2008 10:50 am
Re: Wiring solar panels together

For serial connection ( adds volts, keeps same amperage )

/--\            /--\
\--/            \--/
/--\            /--\
\--/            \--/

The above is an attempt to show what a typical 2x2 PV wiring could look like.

This means, that each PV feeds the next PV, where the first PV provides the + connection to your controller, and the last PV provides the - to your controller.

Here is another attempt a showing this same connection, but with each PV in a line ( 1x4 )

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Dec 14, 2008 03:02 pm
Re: Wiring solar panels together

I am not sure that I understand what you have done when you say "the positive and negative from each pare together"

You wired two sets of two PV modules in series to increase the voltage (ie; 12 to 24 volts nominal) and then wired those two sets in parallel to increase amperage, is this correct?
What voltage do you want to accomplish?
If 24 volts nominal, wire the pos. from module "A" to the neg. of module "B". Then take the remaining pos. of module "B" and the remaining neg. of module "A" to the appropriate terminals on the charge controller. Repeat procedure for remaining two modules.
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Dec 15, 2008 08:47 am
Re: Wiring solar panels together

here is a link to the manual. 


page 3 shows a diagram. I believe the 130 has M type j-box.

let us know if you need more help, specifically what voltage you are trying to achieve (nominal) and how the modules are laid out physically.



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Dec 25, 2008 09:02 am
Re: Wiring solar panels together

What I did was follow the instructions to nake panels 12 volt. I then took the postive and negative from 2 panels and connected together and sent the output to a charge controller. I expected to get 12+ volts at around 240 watts in full sun light. I am only getting about 1 volt to charge controller when checking with amp meter. Not sure what is up with that. The output is going to a xantrex 1800 with 2 12 gel batteries. I am not getting enough juice to charge the batteries.
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Dec 25, 2008 05:19 pm
Re: Wiring solar panels together

I am confused. If I wire the kc130 for 12 volt as shown in manual, I only get 1 volt or so. Thats with the hot and negative connected in each panel pair. If I only pair the negative and not the hot I get 12 volts. I had to wire in er thir 24 volt setup to get what was needed for the 12 volt charge. Strange but works. Must be something I am missing (besides a brain).
Dec 26, 2008 08:16 am
Re: Wiring solar panels together

" I had to wire in er thir 24 volt setup to get what was needed for the 12 volt charge."

You might have what is known as a "cold" solder joint. It looks like its made right but it could be that it doesn't have sufficient continuity, or one or more diodes have ruptured. Do you have a way to check the diodes?

If it were me, I would start back at the beginning, making sure I didn't miss anything.
Is your electric meter set properly to read the voltage of direct current and is it working properly? Good battery in meter? Probe leads in the correct holes?
Have you checked each PV modules output individually, no wire, no (cold) solder joints, just using your electric meters probes right to the negative and positive terminals in the J-box? in bright, midday sunshine with the PV module aimed at the sun? This will give you clue as to the condition of the diodes. Compare the oreintation of the diodes in all four PV modules, check that all of the diodes are oriented the same from module to module. Check for any diodes that might be discolored in any way.
Ok, so now we know your PV battery charging system is 12 vdc nominal. We know that Kyocera KC130TM PV modules are considered to be 12 vdc nominal output.
So, speaking simply, there should be four negative wires, one from each modules negative, and four positive wires, one from each positive, for a total of 8 wires.
Ideally there would be a combiner box that would bring all 4 of the negative wires together as one, and it would bring all 4 of the positive wires together as one while fusing each positive individually first. Then we would leave the combiner box with one negative and one positive and go to the charge controller.
If all of the diodes are in correct working order and all of the modules are producing full or near full open circuit voltage, as checked in dividually, and there are no "cold" solder loints and no blown fuses in the combiner box, you should have 520 watts at 12 vdc nominal at the charge controller.


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