Solar panel replacement for Lance 821 Truck Camper

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Oct 17, 2010 10:34 am
Solar panel replacement for Lance 821 Truck Camper

We have a 2003 Lance Truck camper with an Evergreen Solar Panel that was damaged over the weekend in Charlotte, NC.  We reside in VA and are trying to find out whether we need to replace the whole panel or just the glass....I know little to nothing about solar panels, so I could really use your help...A kid was tossing rocks and one hit the panel and shattered the glass...It is no longer recharging our battery on the camper...I think it is an older model like an E50...If I need to replace it, I would prefer to keep the same size to reuse the mounting brackets and existing wiring...but, I would love to get more power as far s recharging the battery....Any suggestions?
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Oct 17, 2010 10:35 am
Re: Solar panel replacement for Lance 821 Truck Camper

....Oh, also suspecting we need to stay with the Evergreen as the camper is already wired with Charging Wizard, etc...
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Oct 19, 2010 02:57 am
Re: Solar panel replacement for Lance 821 Truck Camper

Hi Casey Speas,

 aside from the property damage, i find it refreshing that you have found an american youth outside enjoying being a kid! - just needs a bit of direction is all, might make a great pitcher in little league.

 afraid that ec-50 is sure to be a lost cause, although i've seen smashed modules that still put out power. yours is electrically smashed as well Sad

 depending on your mounting system you should be able to come close enough with the dimensions to find a replacement.

 the kc65t looks close to the ec-50 line. no need to have to stay with the evergreens.

 could cut a piece of cardboard to the 29.6 x 25.7 size and see how it lines up..the kyocera has a bit thicker frame so make note of the bracket arrangement you have. both have the friendly j-box terminal connections so no messing with these wacko multi-variety assortment of mc cables that some nut thought was a good idea.

 don't know anything on that "charge wizard"? if you go with the kc65 be aware that it is 15 watts more than the evergreen (1+amp) so we want at least a 7 amp (or so) controller. maybe the wizard has a sticker or manual?

 or could be a good time to see about some more mounting hardware and go up some with your array size..might need to upgrade some of the other equipment and wire runs depending on what you want to do.

cheers, dave

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